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Smart Communications Says it Will Further Push Web3 Adoption in PH

Photo for the Article - Smart Communications Says it Will Further Push Web3 Adoption in PH
  • Smart Communications intends to actively promote web3 adoption in the Philippines.
  • The firm aims to educate Filipinos about blockchain and web3, offering resources and opportunities to learn. 
  • It stated plans to work with partners to develop blockchain-based applications for public benefit, making blockchain adoption more immersive for subscribers.

Smart Communications Assistant Vice President Dexter Chan stated that the telecommunications giant plans to introduce the country’s general public to the web3 space. 

Following their partnership with BlockchainSpace, he expressed that Smart is eager for more web3 collaborations. He mentioned this during the press conference for the upcoming Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 (PBW 2023), held on September 7 at The Hub, Marriott Hotel in Pasay City.

Smart in Web3

Chan stressed that Smart has a history of innovation, having helped Filipinos get online in web1 and web2, and will continue to drive adoption in web3.

“Through web1, wherein Smart helped Filipinos get into phones, in web2 wherein Smart provided free unlimited data services, and now with web3. That same support, same dedication,the same ambition and same passion (of) Smart will always be here to drive innovation.” 

Dexter Chan, Assistant Vice President, Smart

Chan shared that Smart will help Filipinos understand blockchain and web3 technology by providing resources and opportunities to learn about it. He also said that Smart will work with partners to develop blockchain-based applications that can benefit the public. 

He highlighted that Smart Communications plans to make blockchain adoption more immersive and engaging for its subscribers. The firm will do this by providing educational resources and by making it easier for subscribers to use web3 technology.

“Whatever the future will hold when it comes to web, for sure Smart will be there. The dictation and commitment of Smart to giving you that access to be able to use the web, that’s how we will help every Juan Dela Cruz out there.”

Dexter Chan, Assistant Vice President, Smart

Recent Web3 Initiative

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Following the recent FIBA Basketball World Cup in the country, Smart collaborated with BlockchainSpace’s YEY platform and provided fan rewards via Polygon-based custodial wallets, as well as exclusive Shiny NFTs for raffles.  The collaboration aimed to promote web3 adoption in the country.

The launch of FIBA YEY NFTS marks Smart’s first foray into branded NFTs.

BlockchainSpace on Partnership with Smart

Smart and community-enablement platform BlockchainSpace have been partners prior to their partnership with YEY. 

Together, they launched the Creator Circle program, which helps content creators adopt web3 technology, foster audience connections, and gradually introduce blockchain solutions.

“In partnership with BlockchainSpace, who is well-known and skilled in web3, we will bring more innovations out there and we’ll make web3 inclusive,” Chan stated.

He also highlighted that their collaboration aims to make every Filipino aware of web3 and utilize it for the improvement of their lives.

Aspen Sañez, BSPC’s global head of marketing, commented that they have a “natural working dynamic” with Smart.

“It was a natural revolution of common ideals and common vision of providing more innovation for their subscribers and for the Filipino people in general,” he stated. 

BlockchainSpace and Smart are participating in the Philippine Blockchain Week, which will be held from September 19-21, 2023 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Newport World Resorts, Pasay City. It is supported by government departments, including the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

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