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November 20, 2018 Updated

Telegram is the instant messaging of choice for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. Check out the Telegram profiles of PH blockchain companies.

Telegram is the instant messaging of choice for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. Aside from the usual Twitter and Facebook, crypto and blockchain companies also use this to connect to the public. In this article, we will list the official telegram group of Philippine blockchain companies.

Telegram Groups of PH Blockchain Companies


Abra founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley has headquarters in the US and in the Philippines. The Abra wallet can support up to 25 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies. One of its most recent feature (as of July 2018) is that of allowing users to buy BTC using Visa or Mastercard on debit/credit cards.

Official Telegram:

*Note: Base from our research, Abra doesn’t have an official Telegram channel but has an official support bot.


Acudeen or “Ako Din” in Tagalog aims to help small to medium enterprises by liquidating their receivables ahead of time. SMEs can upload their receivables on the Acudeen platform will connect it to buyers who are willing to invest in them.

Official Telegram:


Alto’s vision is to become the platform where game developers can mint, sell, and connect their interoperable cryptoitems to the blockchain.

Official Telegram:


AQwire by Qwikwire is a real-estate platform running on the blockchain. By using the AQwire platform, buyers can be connected to sellers anywhere in the world and proceed to do transactions in different stages of the real estate sale cycle.

Official Telegram:

BloomX Org

BloomX from Bloom Solutions aims to help traditional money service businesses deal with cryptocurrencies. This will bring cryptocurrencies to the public and open new retail channels.

Official Telegram:


LoyalCoin from Appsolutely is a loyalty rewards platform. It aims to disrupt the traditional reward points by using LYL and putting it on the Loyal Platform.

Official Telegram:

NEM Philippines

NEM Philippines is in charge of the foundation’s business dealings in the country. Aside from that, the team’s another important mission is to promote awareness about blockchain and cryptocurrency by hosting events and making the technology known to the public.

Official Telegram:


Salarium is a payments solutions company. Its SALPay ecosystem aims to help companies like BPOs, manufacturing, retail, etc. deal with their timekeeping and payroll.

Official Telegram:

Satoshi Citadel Industries

Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) is one of the pioneers of bitcoin and blockchain in the Philippines. Currently, they have Rebit for remittances, Bitbit for bitcoin and Php wallet, Buybitcoin for buying and selling BTC in the country, and their new venture: blockchain consulting.

Official Telegram:


TagCash is a digital wallet developer and builds financial solutions on the blockchain. Using the company’s platform, one can create digital rewards, raise money, create custom tokens, or even create non-fungible tokens.

Official Telegram:


TraXion aims to bring a digital bank to the unbanked. Its wallet has the ability to save, invest, pay, load, and even lend.

Official Telegram:

By connecting to legitimate and official Telegram groups you can get to connect to its official administrators and learn more about their company. A good chance to ask questions directly from the legitimate source.

*Note: If we weren’t able to cover other blockchain/cryptocurrency businesses in the country, feel free to let us know by checking our inquiry page or adding us on Telegram:

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