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[Web3 Interview Series] Paytaca Introduces Bitcoin Cash to Students in Leyte

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Paytaca Introduces Bitcoin Cash to Students in Leyte
  • Paytaca actively participated in St. Paul’s School of Professional Studies’ BizRed Days event in Palo, Leyte, demonstrating the utility of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through a campus vending machine facilitating BCH transactions.
  • According to CEO Joemar Tagana, Paytaca strategically engages in school events to familiarize the tech-savvy younger generation with their platform. 
  • Paytaca is set to launch the Paytaca Marketplace on March 15, showcasing the potential of cryptocurrency payments with Bitcoin Cash.

Local fintech firm Paytaca recently participated in St. Paul’s School of Professional Studies’ (SPSPS) week-long BizRed Days event held last February 12-16 in Palo, Leyte. The company demonstrated to students the utility of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through a vending machine on campus that facilitates BCH transactions. 

Paytaca at BizRed Days

According to Joemar Taganna, CEO and President of Paytaca, the company has been actively participating in school events since last year as a strategic move to familiarize Paytaca with a crucial market segment: the tech-savvy younger generation. 

In their booth, students not only acquired the digital currency but also enjoyed snacks from the vending machine, which Paytaca noted to highlight the adaptability of cryptocurrency in daily transactions.

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Paytaca Introduces Bitcoin Cash to Students in Leyte

According to Jomari Jess Abellar, CFO of Paytaca and a teacher at the school, SPSPS prioritizes practical learning and nurtures entrepreneurial drive among students. Events like BIZRED Days offer students opportunities to apply academic knowledge in real-world scenarios and engage with industry experts. He highlighted that collaboration with external companies like Paytaca enhances students’ experiences, enriching their skills and fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial culture within the school community.

“With its user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet and associated services, Paytaca fits into the SPSPS BIZRED Days program. These events allow Paytaca to demonstrate the possibilities of seamless cryptocurrency transactions,” he added.

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Taganna noted that this year, they received invitations from various schools, with St. Paul’s being the first to host a major event where Paytaca is prominently involved. 

According to Taganna, numerous students actively participated and were eager to gain firsthand experience conducting cryptocurrency payments.

“Overall, it’s been a positive experience for most. Many note that the experience is similar to other e-wallets they are used to. Some said it’s even better because it’s more private. Some find it limiting because there aren’t that many places and ways to spend Bitcoin Cash compared to other payment methods, but we can close this gap as we grow,” he stated.

In addition, he mentioned that they anticipate being present at numerous other school-based events in the weeks to come, underscoring their commitment to engaging with young audiences and promoting their platform within educational settings.

Future Events

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Paytaca Introduces Bitcoin Cash to Students in Leyte

Further, Taganna revealed that Paytaca has received invitations from other schools to conduct similar exhibits during their major events.

“We have received invitations from other schools here to do the same exhibit in their upcoming major events. This is great for building up the momentum towards the launch of our platforms that will further demonstrate the power of BitcoinCash,” Paytaca wrote.

When asked if Paytaca is active in attending other meetups, the CEO stated that they typically refrain from attending meetups unless they are related to Bitcoin Cash or broader cryptocurrency and blockchain gatherings.

According to him, this decision primarily stems from a desire to conserve resources, with a focus on initiatives that directly align with their goals. Participating in meetups or events centered around other cryptocurrencies is considered a low priority for them.

“And as Paytaca has been gaining traction and a little bit of popularity in media, more schools and universities have been inviting us. From St. Paul School of Professional Studies during their BizRed Days, to the Leyte Normal University and Eastern Visayas State University for their Foundation Day celebrations both this February. We’re quite busy in the university and college circuit this time around,” Aaron JP Almadro, CMO at Paytaca, shared.

Paytaca Marketplace

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Paytaca Introduces Bitcoin Cash to Students in Leyte

In addition, Taganna also disclosed that on March 15, Paytaca is set to unveil the Paytaca Marketplace, anticipating the attendance of numerous businesses and government agencies. 

This platform will serve as a notable demonstration of how cryptocurrency payments with Bitcoin Cash can generate substantial commercial value. Following its launch in Tacloban City and several months of operation, the company aims to extend its reach to other locations within the year.

Taganna emphasized that through the upcoming launch of the Paytaca Marketplace, the firm aims to showcase the tangible benefits of utilizing such a payment system. By demonstrating the significant cost reductions in e-commerce, we anticipate making products and services more affordable for consumers. This value proposition is designed to be accessible to a broader audience, and we aspire to onboard billions of new cryptocurrency users through this approach.

“The Marketplace is a platform that will be a prime example of how crypto payments with Bitcoin Cash… Once we have this launched in Tacloban City and have it running for a few months, we are going to expand to Ormoc, Cebu, and Metro Manila, all within the year, we hope,” he added.

Other Paytaca News

Last year, Paytaca launched CashTokens Studio which enables users to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain via the Cash Tokens protocol. The studio, funded by the BitCats Heroes NFT mint, is now operational on the mainnet. 

The firm also co-hosted a Bitcoin Cash gathering in Hong Kong, where people shared their views and experiences regarding Bitcoin Cash and its future. 

In July 2023, Paytaca successfully raised $450,000, or ₱24.5 million, in seed funding to enhance peer-to-peer payments and promote Bitcoin Cash adoption in the Philippines. The funds aim to transform the local payment industry by providing innovative solutions.

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