DevCon Pro Summit 2023 to Also Highlight Web3 and AI in the Philippines

Winston Damarillo emphasized the importance of these emerging technologies of web3 and AI in the tech industry.

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  • Winston Damarillo, DEVCON Founder and President, announced that the DevCon Pro Summit will feature web3 and artificial intelligence (AI) alongside web2 technology, emphasizing the importance of these emerging technologies in the tech industry.
  • The summit will host representatives from web3 and blockchain entities to discuss the relevance of these technologies such as, Shoppable, Senti.Ai, and Accenture.
  • Damarillo shared that DEVCON is actively integrating blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its initiatives.

Winston Damarillo, DEVCON Founder and President, shared that in addition to web2 technology their first-ever DevCon Pro Summit will be featuring web3 and artificial intelligence (AI). He mentioned this in an interview with BitPinas during the press conference for the summit on September 11 at Public House in Makati.

DEVCON, or Developers Connect, is the Philippines’ largest non-profit technology organization and community for technology experts, developers, and IT enthusiasts.

Web3 and AI in DevCon Pro Summit

Damarillo affirmed that representatives from web3 and blockchain entities will be in attendance, and that the topic will be discussed at the summit.

“It’s not going away, it’s gonna be around. I think that there are a lot of applications, banking will always use blockchain. I think the concept of web3 is not really only about crypto, it’s about community… As geeks we’re always interested in web3 no matter what the use case,” he noted. 

Photo for the Article - DevCon Pro Summit 2023 to Also Highlight Web3 and AI in the Philippines

Damarillo stated that coding is the lifeblood of developers, and as it is constantly evolving, they are always open to new technologies. He highlighted that another interesting topic to discuss is AI, and emphasized that the summit will address these emerging technologies and how they will be used to develop solutions.

“One of the areas that is quite interesting to talk about in the summit is AI, lahat na lang AI ‘di ba? But you know, you can’t do AI without data so we’re gonna (tackle) AI and analytics; we are going to start with data then analytics, then AI,” Damarillo shared. 

When asked whether DEVCON would be integrating these technologies, he revealed that they were already using blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT). Damarillo shared that their sub-branch, DEVCON Kids (an international non-profit organization aiming to make computer science accessible and fun for children), along with Codingverse, are handling digital tokens embedded in the Solana blockchain as rewards for program participation.

“If you look at it, we don’t only preach it but we also practice it,” he said. 

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Web3 and AI-focused Programs

Photo for the Article - DevCon Pro Summit 2023 to Also Highlight Web3 and AI in the Philippines

DEVCON confirmed in an email that Christian Blanquera, CTO of Shoppable and founder of Startup PH, will spearhead the program, “A Demo and Showcase of the Power of Serverless Tech Stacks.”

Moreover, Jen Bilango, the Country Manager of homegrown e-wallet and crypto exchange, will also join the panel on “The Tech Frontier: What Will the Next 10 Years Bring?”

Last year, the two were among the local web3 and blockchain tech leaders that signed the solidarity statement of the Web3 Alliance during the Global Blockchain Summit in Bataan.

Two segments will also be held for AI-focused topics: “The Future of Work: How Will AI Change the Jobs of Developers?” and “Deep Dive: Building an AI Center of Excellence, AI Ethics, & Career Tips for Developers”.

Dr. Charibent Cheng of the artificial intelligence company Senti AI, and Arvin Yason, the Managing Director of Accenture, will also be present at the event. In June, Accenture committed to investing $3 billion in AI over the next three years to help clients accelerate their business transformations and harness the potential of AI technology.

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What is DEVCON Pro Summit?

 DEVCON PRO SUMMIT 2023: “Technology for Impact” is a one-day event for professional developers, scheduled for October 20, 2023, at Whitespace, Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati.

It will feature keynote speakers from leading technical experts in the field of technology for impact and will cover topics such as using emerging technology to solve social problems, the future of development in the age of artificial intelligence, building inclusive and equitable technology ecosystems, and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI).

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