Axie Infinity Classic Returns for 1K AXS Tournament

Axie Infinity’s v2 Classic gameplay is set to have its Classic Cup, a 1,000 AXS prize pool tournament facilitated by Esports 4 Everyone.

you can win axs again when you rank in axie infinity classic (v2)
  • A year after Sky Mavis  removed the SLP award, Axie Infinity: Classic, the game’s version 2.0, has resurfaced in the spotlight, with a recent leaderboard reset on August 14.
  • The game is said to have a Classic Cup tournament, where the qualifier season will happen from the MMR reset to August 28. The top 512 players on the Axie Classic leaderboard will secure spots in the tournament.
  • The return of Axie Infinity: Classic gameplay is attributed to its enduring popularity, even after the introduction of the Origins version and other games within the franchise.

Axie Infinity: Classic, the blockchain game’s version 2.0 and the gameplay when it rose to popularity in 2021 in the country, is now back in the spotlight. 

Since the leaderboard reset on August 14, v2 players are set to battle to qualify for the upcoming Classic Cup, Sky Mavis, the game’s developer announced.

Axie Infinity: Classic, a Comeback

Axie Classic is a turn-based card battler where players create teams of Axies to fight in the arena. Players must play cards at the optimal time to win. It was also the first blockchain game to distribute in-game resources as ERC-20 tokens.

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Originally, it gave 150 smooth love potions (SLPs) per day in Player-Versus-Environment mode, then reduced to 75 SLPs after an update. However, the SLP rewards in v2 were removed and placed in Origins in August last year.

Despite the in-game token’s removal for a year, the leaderboard remained active and did not refresh. But in a surprising announcement, Sky Mavis confirmed that it was refreshed on August 14, 2023. 

Following the recent matchmaking rating (MMR) reset, all players have returned to a base MMR of 1,200 to help facilitate the qualifiers for Classic Cup, a 1,000 AXS prize pool tournament facilitated by Esports 4 Everyone

Moreover, the comeback of the classic gameplay is due to the number of players still playing v2 despite Origin and other games being launched, according to a BitPinas source. 

“Honestly, (I) thought I would have zero interest in V2 again… but here I am shopping for a V2 team for the past 3 hours. Excited to play again!” Spamandrice, a well-known Axie Infinity top player and YGG Elite member, tweeted

Classic Cup

In a statement, Sky Mavis explained that from the MMR reset to August 28, 3:00 p.m. ‌PH time, players will have the chance to climb to the leaderboard.

After then, the top 512 players on the Axie Classic leaderboard will automatically qualify for the Classic Cup, which has a prize pool of 1,000 AXS.

In addition to the cup, the esports organizer will also host “Axie Classic: The Battlegrounds,” a twice-weekly mini-tournament—happening every Wednesday and  Saturday—with $50 AXS prize pools to help players train for the Classic Cup. The first mini-tournament will be on August 16

Earlier this year, a local tournament for the Axie Infinity Classic called The Araw ng Dabaw Axie Classic LAN tournament was held in celebration of Araw ng Dabaw, a month-long celebration in the city every March. It was organized by Davao-based Axie Infinity content creator Shanks, or JC Isidro in real life, and his community, Akagami Crew, and sponsored by gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG).

Recent Axie Infinity News

Last June, Axie Infinity announced the “Filipino Fiesta Contest” to commemorate Philippine Independence Day from June 9 to June 13, 2023. It also introduced its new feature, Fortune Chests, which gives out encompassing Moonshards, crafting materials, and the potential to get up to 100,000 SLP.

In addition, Axie Infinity: Origins was released on the Apple App Store in May and is now available to iOS users in select Asian and Latin American countries. Additionally, they have launched Mavis Market, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace built on the Ronin blockchain.

Axie Infinity: Homeland Alpha was also launched in January, laying the groundwork for future phases that will include NFT gameplay, land tokens, and mobile access.

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