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National Privacy Commission Warns of Unregistered Gambling Apps

Photo for the Article - National Privacy Commission Warns of Unregistered Gambling Apps

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) recently cautioned the public against using gambling apps and emphasized the need to be cautious when logging in information on dubious websites to avoid phishing attacks. The privacy commission highlighted that fraudsters have been leveraging the sudden popularity of online casinos.

NPC Warning to the Public

To safeguard against phishing attacks, individuals are encouraged to be cautious when providing personal information to gambling apps, authenticate app legitimacy via Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)’s official website, refrain from clicking on links from unfamiliar sources, and follow recommended procedures if targeted by a phishing attack.

The Threat of Unregistered Gambling Apps

Privacy Commissioner John Henry D. Naga has raised an alarm about a troubling trend about gaming apps falsely claiming accreditation by PAGCOR. He noted that these deceptive apps are frequently exploited to engage in phishing activities, aiming to obtain personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords.

The NPC stated that the gambling sites trick victims into sharing personal information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, GCash numbers, and MPIN, by posing as an account verification process. Cybercriminals then use the stolen information to make illegal transactions without the victims’ knowledge or consent.

Recently, PAGCOR confirmed to BitPinas that Philwin Casino Online, most commonly known as PhlWin, is not licensed or registered with the government agency. The gambling site was one of the entities named by the NPC that was involved with the phishing attempt in GCash last May.

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To ensure that players are accessing authorized entities, PAGCOR highlighted that they must only engage with registered and legitimate websites.

In 2022, UnionBank warned its customers about a phishing scam being spread via SMS, stating that it would never ask them to click on a link requesting personal information.

Preventive Measures Against Phishing Attacks

  1. Be careful with your personal information. Don’t share sensitive information via email, text messages, or unfamiliar websites.
  2. Double-check the legitimacy of websites before entering personal information, ensuring secure connections (HTTPS) and correct website addresses.
  3. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
  4. Be wary of suspicious emails, links, and attachments, as these may contain malware or redirect users to fraudulent websites.

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