Why is UnionBank Down? Prolonged Outage Frustrates Users

With no prior announcement, UnionBank’s mobile app faces a prolonged maintenance, leaving users without access for nearly three days.

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  • 11:12 am, the app has exited maintenance and now available.
  • As of 11:30 am, the app is down again under maintenance.

An unexpected and extended downtime on UnionBank’s mobile app, is causing widespread disruptions and inconvenience for users. As of this writing, the banking application has remained unavailable for nearly three consecutive days.

Fast facts:

  • According to numerous reports from disgruntled customers on social media platforms, the app has been non-functional since Wednesday.
  • Most users were surprised by the sudden downtime, which came without any advance notification.
  • This lack of communication added to the frustration among the user base, many of whom rely solely on UnionBank for their financial needs.
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No information or updates regarding the disruption were posted on the bank’s official Facebook page. However, in response to a user inquiry, UnionBank did acknowledge that they were aware of the issue and were working on it.

On the other hand, the bank did make a public statement on Twitter acknowledging ongoing system maintenance, which has allegedly led to the prolonged service disruption.

However, the tweet did not provide an estimated timeline for when the service will be back up.

The prolonged downtime has ignited a wave of dissatisfaction among UnionBank’s customers, especially those who depend solely on the bank for their daily transactions and other financial services.

Many voiced their complaints and concerns on social media, underscoring the critical role the bank plays in the users’ daily transaction activities.

This is a developing story.

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  1. It so happen that I had to transfer funds from UB to Gcash account on December 16,2023 but no amount had transferred. I already went to the bank directly and a teller was aking about tha transaction made on the app. I just had a text message confirmation and it was the usaul text message that UB was sending after the transaction made. It end up nothing.. Still up to this time my concern was not fixed.. My money was gone in just a snap of my finger..

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