PH Blockchain Game Platform to Support Hedera Hashgraph

Game developers can choose between Ethereum and Hedera Hashgraph to create their cryptoitems while those who deployed on the former can port their code easily.

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At one point, the popular blockchain game Cryptokitties suffered from high gas fees as demand for the collectible item surged early this year. The demand had also crippled the entire ethereum blockchain. Speed and cost are particularly important in blockchain-based games. How can this be mitigated?

The Filipino-founded company, has announced its support for Hedera Hasgraph public distributed ledger for’s game ecosystem platform that is set to launch later this 2018.

As a blockchain game platform, Alto enables developers to create their own cryptoitems, which can also be traded and integrated into their games. The items are non-fungible, unique and can be truly owned by the person who create it or the person who buys it. Through storefronts, developers can sell their items or raise funding for such items (called “initial item offering”.)

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Now, the uniqueness of the items enable them to have value, and by extension, demand. If these items can be bought, sold, and traded from one game to another within the blockchain, there is a chance that the activity will increase gas fees and slow down the network.

This is where’s support for Hedera Hashgraph comes in. Hashgraph is an alternative to the blockchain that is said to be much faster when it comes to transaction speed and cheaper when it comes to costs. Its underlying protocol allows each node to “gossip” with each other until all nodes have the same versions of the transactions and order of events.

“We’ve chosen to support Hedera Hashgraph because its technology allows for lightning-fast transaction speeds with very minimal gas costs, two the biggest problems blockchain developers are facing today,” Gabby Dizon, Chairman of

With this, “game developers can choose between Ethereum and Hedera Hashgraph to create their cryptoitems while developers who deployed their games on Ethereum using Solidity can port their code over easily to Hashgraph as well,” said Mr. Dizon in a statement to

The offering of Hedera Hashgaph support is just a start.’s platform allows game developers to tokenize their game assets. The Hashgraph support and ethereum blockchain support on will mean cryptoitems created on either of the two can operate and will be “valid” on both. plans to add support for more blockchains in the future.

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