Axie Infinity Launches Axie Creator Program

The Axie Creator community will have access to the game’s news, initiatives, patches, key moments, and events.

Axie Infinity announced the testing phase for Axie Creator Program, a framework that is designed to identify and support contributors who are impactful to the Axie ecosystem.

“It sounds simple enough, but building this kind of program in web3 brings new and unique challenges, many of which have never been solved before,” the announcement read.

Sky Mavis, the game’s developer, added that it partnered with QU3ST for the first six months of the program to help them develop an initial program framework.

Who is eligible to apply for the Axie Creator Program?

The Axie Creator Program is designed to identify and support Content Creators (video, live, audio, written), Creatives (artists, editors, memers, cosplayers), Developers, and Contributors (guilds, niche communities, event organizers, competitive players). While according to the team, other forms of contribution will be integrated as the Program evolves.

There will be two phases of the program. The first phase aims to establish processes to collect feedback and listen to participants and the second phase aims to provide more meaningful support, based on information from the first phase.

“For the Axie Creator Program to succeed, it will require regular involvement and feedback from the community. It is important that the community helps shape this Program so it can best support all creator contributions. Phase 1 will end when we have enough information from the community to identify different needs and proper ways to support them,” the announcement added.

In addition, to start joining the program, qualified individuals should join the Axie Infinity Discord, introduce themselves in the Creators Program chat (#creator-central), then engage with Axie Creator Program staff.

Once the second phase has started, regular prompts and calls-to-action will be released to help boost contributions and creativity.

Meanwhile, the P2E game promised that there will be rewards included to “catalyze” all forms of creator contribution.

“The plan is to start with easily accessible rewards based on the data already collected from the community. The Program will then introduce larger, more complex reward projects as we gather feedback over time,” Axie Infinity said.

Benefits of Being Part of the Axie Creator Program

The Axie Creator community will have access to the game’s news, initiatives, patches, key moments, and events; while contributors can receive dedicated points-of-contact, social media engagement, and monetary grants. Rewards will be expanded as the Program continues to collect feedback from its participants.

Furthermore, Axie Infinity also announced that it will host a series of Twitter spaces, Discord stages, commonwealth posts, and community discussions for the game’s development, the following online events are: Twitter Spaces on @AxieInfinity (June 16, 12 pm EST); LatAm Discord Stage in Axie Spanish Discord (June 16, 6 pm EST); Discord Stage in official Axie Discord (June 16, 9 pm EST); Japanese Twitter Spaces on @AxieJPOfficial (June 17, 12 am EST); and PH Twitter Spaces on @axiephofficial (June 19, 9 am EST).

“In tandem, we’re onboarding dedicated points of contact for creator & contributor verticals. These individuals will be your go-to for scheduling 1-on-1s and sharing unmet needs,” the announcement concluded.

Sky Mavis stressed that the program is actively looking to the community to bring on additional team members; interested individuals can directly inquire to the Axie discord.

The Axie Creator Program is not the very first community program of Axie Infinity, other community programs launched previously are AXS Leaderboard Rewards, Lunacian Codes, IRL Meetup Grants, Esports Grants, Gated Forum, Builders Program, and Social Media Contests.

Recently, #AxiePH Meet-up took place in Manila, under the headship of Nix Eniego, Sky Mavis’ Philippine Lead.

“Super excited for the Axie Creator Program! A world where creators, OF ANY KIND, can step in, contribute & get rewarded for their efforts. This is the Lunacia we all dream of. Building together, rising together,” Eniego tweeted.

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