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[Scoop] Filipino Music Icon Ely Buendia’s Flaming Lullaby NFT Collection to Launch on PDAX’s Mintoo Platform

Photo for the Article - [Scoop] Filipino Music Icon Ely Buendia's Flaming Lullaby NFT Collection to Launch on PDAX's Mintoo Platform

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The Flaming Lullaby NFT collection, a collaboration between Filipino musician Ely Buendia and artist Farrah Carbonell, is launching exclusively on Mintoo platform.

Ely Buendia and Farrah Carbonell’s Collaboration

Filipino musician and Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia together with New York-based artist Farrah Carbonell is launching the previously announced “Flaming Lullaby” NFT collection exclusively on Mintoo, the NFT platform that can be accessed on Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) licensed crypto exchange PDAX.

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Flaming Lullaby NFT Collection Details

Ely Buendia NFT to be minted on Mintoo

This writer uncovered information about Ely Buendia’s NFT collection being minted on PDAX while researching about the Eraserheads frontman’s collaboration with Artifract, a fine art NFT platform. Previously, it was reported that Buendia would release “Flaming Lullaby” as an NFT featuring his original song “Hele.” and also fractionalized. (More about this in a later paragraph.)

However, the updated information indicates that “Flaming Lullaby” is an NFT collection, and instead of being minted on Artifract, it will be launched on Mintoo.

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The NFT collection will feature accompanying art by Farrah Carbonell. Carbonell, known for her minimalist black and white photography, recently exhibited at Art Basel in Miami and had her work showcased during NFT NYC.

In the previous announcement from Artifract, “Flaming Lullaby” was supposed to be a fractionalized NFT, a single digital item turned NFT that is divided so that multiple collectors can buy it.

What is Mintoo

The recently launched Mintoo boasts of features like utilities, a feature that grants NFT buyers access to additional perks, such as accessories, merchandise, or event tickets, depending on the creator’s offerings.

PDAX has teamed up with Mintoo to introduce an NFT platform on the Polygon blockchain, enabling PDAX users to easily purchase digital collectibles and NFTs denominated in pesos.

The initial collections featured on the Mintoo platform consist of artwork from Xavier University students, works by up-and-coming Filipino artists, and a new collection in celebration of International Women’s Month. The platform places emphasis on supporting creative talents and preserving the quality of NFTs.

Update on April 10, 2023: Mintoo has teased the announcement on Twitter:

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