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Photo for the Article - Find Us on Google News

BitPinas has been publishing news about the Philippine cryptocurrency and blockchain industry since 2017. One of the websites born out of the 2017 mania, BitPinas has soldiered through the bear market, seen through the market ups and downs, and is now at the forefront of the re-ignited interest about cryptocurrency in the Philippines and abroad.

In line with this, BitPinas has applied to be included on Google News.

Photo for the Article - Find Us on Google News

On Google News, BitPinas’ articles are categorized into the following:

  • Features – long-form articles
  • Crypto – articles related to cryptocurrency
  • Tech – articles related to “Fintech” or technology in general
  • Business – articles concerning operations and businesses, including startups
  • Regulation – articles concerning rules and regulation about crypto in the Philippines and elsewhere.
Photo for the Article - Find Us on Google News

If you follow us on Google News, you will be able to receive notifications on any new articles on BitPinas on your News app or on your phone. These are the articles that you will read on BitPinas:

  • News and updates about cryptocurrency, tech, and fintech
  • News about developments in the blockchain industry
  • Daily news roundup on everything that’s happening on cryptocurrencies here and around the world
  • Interviews from local businesses tapping into crypto
  • Interviews of local crypto personalities and regulators

Find us on Google News now and don’t forget to share BitPinas with your friends.

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