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Fintech Rivals Maya and GCash Among Best Places to Work

Among the list, Accenture, an IT services and consulting firm, was named as the best company to start and hone one’s career in the country.

Photo for the Article - Fintech Rivals Maya and GCash Among Best Places to Work

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Professional networks platform LinkedIn has released a list of the 15 best companies to start and hone one’s career in the Philippines. 
  • The second and third places were secured by GCash’s parent company, Mynt, and Maya, the two top rival fintech apps in the country. 
  • While Accenture, a global IT services and consulting firm, was put in the top spot.

The country’s two leading fintech companies, GCash and Maya, topped ‌LinkedIn’s list of the best companies in 2023. The professional networks platform placed GCash’s parent company Mynt in second place and Maya in third.

Photo for the Article - Fintech Rivals Maya and GCash Among Best Places to Work

The list was released last Wednesday, April 19, 2023, and highlighted the 15 best workplaces where professionals can grow their careers, according to LinkedIn.


Apart from being a mobile e-wallet, Gcash has been pushing forward to grow its services to further promote financial inclusion and accessibility for millions of Filipinos; it currently has 77 million users all over the country. During its 2023 Futurecast Summit, it unveiled new features such as GCrypto, GStocks, Gcash overseas, its non-fungible token, and more.

Its biggest web3 project so far is the launch of GCrypto, a feature allowing users to access crypto and NFTs through their app. The GCrypto feature is powered by PDAX and is in collaboration with web3 educational platform Bitskwela. 

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During the recently concluded Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories for April 2023, GCrypto’s Head of Partnership Crypto and Web3, Mark Nunez, confirmed that the GCrypto feature is now available to all GCash users. 

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Aside from the launch of GCrypto, the fintech firm also released its first-ever NFT collection, “House of Ohlala,” crafted by artist Reen Barrera in collaboration with Likha NFT and Vinyl on Vinyl. The project consists of 1,000 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain and can be bought on the Likha NFT marketplace through GCash.

Consequently, Filipinos living and working in countries like Japan, Italy, Australia, and the United States can now register and have a verified GCash account even without a Philippine SIM card. It is through the firm’s GCash Overseas feature.

While for Filipinos who will visit as tourists in countries like South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, GCash has secured a partnership with Chinese fintech giant Ant Group’s Alipay+. The partnership lets GCash users pay merchants from the said countries using the fintech app. 

Last year, GCash, along with cryptocurrency exchange Binance, was named as the most trusted fintech platforms in the country, according to the results of the Special Industry Report on FinTech (Financial Technology) in the Philippines by the polling and data analytics firm WR Numero Research (WRN). 


Mobile money and crypto wallet Maya rebranded from its former name “Payamaya” last year to include online banking services alongside its e-wallet, cryptocurrency trading, and micro-investments, calling itself an “all-in-one money app.”

In addition, its rebranding also integrated its digital banking license, which enabled the firm to offer new features such as Maya Savings, Maya Credit, and Maya Wallet. 

For its web3 efforts, Maya launched its Crypto feature on its app. 

How to access Maya Crypto:

  • Step 1: Open Maya and tap “Crypto.”
  • Step 2: Upgrade your account with at least one valid ID.
  • Step 3: Start buying and selling your crypto of choice.

In late 2022, Maya also released a new app feature that now allows users to convert select cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin within the app—previously, cryptocurrencies in Maya could only be converted back to fiat (Philippine Peso). 

Recently, Maya was reportedly contemplating raising $150 million to aid its expansion plans. The fundraising project, if successful, is expected to boost the company’s valuation to approximately $2 billion, bringing it closer to a potential initial public offering in the coming years. 

“Beyond assessing the technical capabilities, we look for talents excited to build game-changing innovations and improve the lives of the country’s unhappily banked, underbanked, and unbanked. We ensure the talent we’re looking for aligns with our mission, vision, and corporate values,” Charee Lanza, Chief People Officer of Maya, stated.

Other Companies that Topped the List

LinkedIn has named Accenture, a global IT services and consulting firm, as the best company to grow one’s career in the Philippines for 2023. 

The other top companies who also made the list, in chronological order from fourth to 15th place, are; tobacco company Philip Morris International; personal care product company Unilever; telecommunications corporation The Globe Group; utility company Aboitiz Power; IT infrastructure service provider Kyndryl; software and technology solutions provider SAP; global manufacturer Procter & Gamble; outsourcing and offshoring consultancy services firm Sagility; financial services company Citi; pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim; financial services company Prudential; and food and beverage company Nestle. 

In a statement, LinkedIn disclosed that it has used its platform’s data to evaluate companies according to eight key factors that are known to contribute to career advancement. These factors include the capacity for career progression, skill development, organizational stability, external job opportunities, company culture fit, gender diversity, educational background, and employee presence in a particular location. 

“The 2023 Top Companies list is filled with actionable insights and resources that help professionals at all levels discover job opportunities. Those interested in a specific company can now easily identify the skills and roles being hired for, connect with employees they know in their network, and follow the company to stay informed about future opportunities,” said Atul Harkisanka, LinkedIn’s head of emerging markets and Philippine country lead.

Last year, LinkedIn introduced its first-ever list of Top Startups in the Philippines, which highlighted the local startups that have shown resilience in an uncertain market environment and are continuing to innovate in 2022—three of which, PDAX, Tier One, and Kumu, have been active in the web3 space. 

Consequently, for Filipinos looking for a career in the crypto and web3 industry, there are currently numerous job opportunities available, ranging from software development and data analysis to marketing and customer service. BitPinas has curated the list of available web3-related jobs in the country, whether full-time, part-time, or even remote jobs, here.

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