Globe Ventures Metaverse, Calls Self as ‘First Telco to Bring Filipinos to the Metaverse’

Globe announced that it will explore the metaverse, calling itself as the ‘first telco’ to offer the metaverse to its users.

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

Following the still ongoing adoption of web3 technology in the country, digital solutions platform Globe has now joined the ranks of Filipino firms that have adopted and entered the metaverse. The firm’s venture was made possible through its own virtual platform, Virtual Hangouts,  and its partnerships with other local and global metaverse-focused entities.

“As the Philippines’ leading digital solutions platform, Globe has delivered many pioneering innovations in the digital space to empower Filipinos and drive inclusive growth. This year, it marked another milestone: Globe is the first telco and digital solutions platform to bring Filipinos to the metaverse.” 

With this new project, Globe aims to provide its customers with the opportunity to “explore limitless possibilities and enjoy life-changing experiences, especially in the areas of entertainment, arts, and livelihood.”

“We see the metaverse as an opportunity for Filipinos to take part in a vibrant digital economy so they can have greater control over their lives. They can live, play, and earn without boundaries through the metaverse,” said Globe Chief Marketing Officer Pia Gonzalez-Colby, on the platform’s new metaverse offer as a meaningful innovation that can uplift the lives of Filipinos.

VH Metaverse

Globe’s metaverse portal in Virtual Hangouts (VH Metaverse) was first launched in September, where it initially offered the “first phygital” (combination of physical and digital) experience for Globe’s users. The portal allowed the users to create their avatars, chat with each other, make video calls, and participate in interactive activities.

In line with the physical restrictions due to the pandemic, Globe also created an exclusive virtual space for its employees in the portal called The Globe Hangout Tower, where they can work in a hybrid setup. The space provides the phygital employees with activities such as a live stream room for company events and internal quests for exclusive prizes. 


According to Globe, its new venture will not be possible without the aid of other industry pioneers; among its partners are the decentralized blockchain platform MetaverseGo, open metaverse platform BUD App, and crypto wallet Coins.ph.

Last September, Globe opened its doors to offer non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Gudi, a limited edition token used as a music festival pass at the 917 GMusic Fest, in partnership with MetaverseGo. (Read more: MetaverseGo Partners with Globe, Give Free Gudi NFTs)

MetaverseGo CEO Ash Mandhyan noted how “Globe has grown far beyond basic connectivity services to provide digital lifestyle solutions that evolve with the modern Filipino consumer.”

“We felt Web3 was the natural extension to this. The GDay NFTs are a great example of introducing NFTs to first-time web3 consumers in a way that grants digital ownership that translates to real-world benefits, enables continuing access to Globe’s upcoming experiences in the Metaverse, and builds lifestyle-based communities in new ways,” he added.

Moreover, MetaverseGo was also able to highlight NFTs and web3 during the G Battle Zone Final, an esports tournament part of the 917 GDay celebration. The attendees who signed up were able to mint their own photos as NFTs. 

Aside from their partnership in the GDay Celebration, Globe and MetaverseGo launched market products that have accessible play-to-earn opportunities for Globe Prepaid and TM customers.  The users were able to get 1GB of free access to MetaverseGo, while all Globe mobile and Home Prepaid WiFi customers get access to MetaverseGo premium features. (Read more: MetaverseGo Plans Give Non-Crypto Gamers Access To NFT Games)

Last June, Globe expressed its aim to propose partnerships with P2E publishers to “elevate gaming experience” in the country. The firm even specified that they want to collaborate with Sky Mavis, the developer of the 2E game Axie Infinity. (Read more: Globe to Tap Axie Infinity and other NFT Publishers for Partnerships)

Consequently, Globe’s partnership with BUD App allowed the firm to create 3D interactive content for its G Music Fest, such as avatar personalization and chat, voice, and emote functionalities. Through the Globe X BUD Virtual World, users are virtually able to visit the G Music Fest grounds’ digital twin; they are allowed to interact, socialize, and participate in photo challenges within the platform. 

Opportunity for all

On the other hand, its collaboration with Coins.ph, which started last July, has given its loyal subscribers rewards in cryptocurrency, where Globe users can now start their crypto journey, for as little as five Globe Rewards points, by redeeming crypto vouchers via the Globe One app. As per the company’s data, they have already processed 61,000 redemptions using Globe Rewards points. (Read more: Coins.ph Partners with Globe to Offer “Redeem Crypto” Service)

“Similar to how we introduced Free Facebook, Data as Currency, and other digital innovations to Filipinos, we believe that the metaverse is an innovation that will uplift us all. New technologies can be daunting, but as in the past, Globe makes adopting and adapting to new technologies truly enjoyable, relatable, and very much relevant to the customers,” Colby commented.

Not only to their individual consumers, Globe also looks forward to onboarding businesses of all sizes, such as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) into the metaverse. 

“Web3 technology has incredible capabilities for businesses to reach and engage customers in innovative ways, but it historically hasn’t been easy to create executions that appeal to more than just crypto early adopters,” Mandhyan stated.

Subsequently, the company stressed in a statement that its “foray into the metaverse is aligned with its long-standing purpose of uplifting customers’ lives and enhancing the way they live, whether through work, learning, play, or making connections.”

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