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How Asian NFT Artists Thrive in the World of NFT

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Three Asian non-fungible token (NFT) artists shared how the NFT community played a big role in helping them and other artists in the space, during Track 3 of the first day of “GeckoCon: The Decentralized Future” in the discussion “Asian Artists in the World of NFTs” co-presented by Tezos.

Munira “Mumu” Hamzah

Known as “Mumu the Stan”, Munira Hamzah is a Malaysian artist and a representative of the Teia Community.

According to her, it is not easy for artists like her to jump immediately into the NFT space, because they have to learn first about the blockchain.

And this is where the help of the community comes in because there will be people who they can rely on.

“It is good to have a community in terms of Web 3.0, we are building something in which it is not about like a company. We are building something that we collectively own, so having a community which we can all build together is something that we can be proud of,” Mumu added.

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Hamzah started her NFT journey in May of 2021 after being encouraged by Mike Shinoda, the lead vocalist of Linkin Park.

She has sold more or less 1,800 NFTs, where Shinoda is one of the buyers of her NFT art that has a price of 71400 Malaysian Ringgit (about Php 94,000.00)

Sarisa Kojima

Meanwhile, Sarisa Kojima, a Thai-Japanese multidisciplinary artist and the co-founder of Sweaty Labs, emphasized that the community helps each other through sharing information with each other, and sharing each other’s experiences.

“When it comes to the community, it is not just about delivering the news, but it is a lot more resources that people in the community help each other with,” said Kojima.

She also highlighted that the community plays a big role in the space, sharing that “Community is one of the important things that drives the NFT space.”

Sarisa Kojima was born in Okinawa, Japan, but grew up in Thailand. She focuses on artworks that depict the concept of Asian philosophy.

Bjorn Calleja

On the other hand, Bjorn Calleja, a Filipino painter and interdisciplinary artist, shared his experience on how the Filipino Community shares the NFT space with others.

According to Calleja, aside from educating others about the blockchain and about NFTs, it is also important to teach others on how to start creating NFTs, and start their career as NFT artists.

“So, this group of people, the Filipino artists, are using spoken word as a medium and are also starting a movement here to educate young people on making art via different mediums,” he shared.

Calleja is talking about the Titik Poetry group, including its founder, John Verlin Santos, who visits different places in the country to share their talents to locals, inspire young people, and onboard them to art.

Recently, Bjorn Calleja’s works were exhibited in galleries both locally and internationally, such as Art Fair Philippines 2022 and Art Basel Hong Kong.

“GeckoCon: The Decentralized Future” is a two-day conference powered by Coingecko. This Day 1 Track 3 recap is hosted by Jivan Tulsiani, the Head of Marketing of TZ APAC.

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