IBM Combines AI and Blockchain to Detect Counterfeit

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IBM Research reveals IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, an AI paired with optical imaging and uses the blockchain to detect an object’s identity and authenticity.

The Crypto Anchor Verifier uses a powerful and portable optical analyzer developed by IBM Research. It is small enough to fit mobile cameras.

Using the verifier is as easy as pulling out your phone, opening an app, and scanning the object. If, for example, you will check the authenticity of a diamond, the Crypto Anchor Verifier will need its image and its unique patterns. It will then compare it to its database in the blockchain ledger.

As of this writing, this new technology is being used by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of IBM Researchā€™s first clients. The technology will help them evaluate and grade diamonds faster.

Before consumers can effectively use this technology in the market, companies have to opt-in and register their products to the blockchain. This will make the AI familiar to their verified version and will be able to verify it as soon as it scans it.

US companies lose more than $600 billion a year due to counterfeiting. This technology might just be the answer.

Source: IBM, thenextweb

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