Manny Pacquiao Joins Crypto, Announces Pac Coin

The Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), announced Senator Manny Pacquiao as its celebrity endorser and investor. Pac Coins can be used to purchase exclusive Team Pacquiao content and merchandise.

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Senator Manny Pacquiao announced his support for Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX). The exchange platform where celebrities can create and trade their own tokens said Mr. Pacquiao will release his own token.

Pac Coins

GCOX signed Mr. Pacquiao as its first celebrity endorser and investor. The senator and boxing champion will release his own “celebrity token” called Pac Coin.

Pac Coins holders can get “Team Pacquiao” merchandise. Holders of the coin can also use it to get exclusive Manny Pacquiao content.

GCOX mentioned that the Philippine Senator is associated with the platform since the beginning.


The Global Crypto Offering Exchange differentiates itself as the first global cryptocurrency exchange. Celebrities can join the platform and create their own official coins. These coins can be used to avail content related to the celebrity. Among these content include exclusive videos or merchandise. Holders of the celebrity coin can also donate to the celebrity’s chosen charity.

Besides Senator Pacquiao, GCOX also had a number of “notable private investors”. Among them are soccer superstar Michael Owen and Lim How Teck of Heliconia Capital Management.

A popular boxer has endorsed a cryptocurrency project in the past. Floyd Mayweather has backed up Stox in 2017. The crypto is able to raise $33 million in 2 days.

Picture Source: GCOX

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