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PayperFi Aims to Evolve DeFi Protocols on Tezos

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What is Payper Finance?

Paper finance is focused on evolving DeFi protocols on Tezos. We will release defi protocols such as Futures, Perpetual Futures, Power Perpetuals, Options Trading, On-Chain Orderbook, Options Vaults, and many more as we proceed. As of now, we are introducing to you Zenith which is a perpetual futures platform powered by Virtual AMM (VMM) technology.

Photo for the Article - PayperFi Aims to Evolve DeFi Protocols on Tezos

Introducing Zenith

Zenith is the first perpetual future and options exchange on the Tezos blockchain. It provides users to go long or short on perpetual of their favorite assets with up to 10x leverage in all market conditions. Zenith has non-expiry future contracts allowing traders to speculate on the price movement of an underlying asset without actual ownership, by buying (long) or selling (short) the contract and incentivizing traders with funding mechanisms. We offer 100% on-chain and non-custodial trading. Zenith uses stable coins for future trading instead of any other token pairs as it results in less exposure to the volatility of those tokens. For this, we use the advanced version of VMM instead of AMM. We also have a high-performance and peer-to-peer options trading platform. You can buy and sell options of your favorite crypto assets with low fees, deep liquidity, and accurate pricing, secured by Tezos.

We are launching the platform on testnet and for that, we are opening the whitelisting applications for phase 1 of testing.

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Upcoming Events

25th September 2022Whitelisting applications open for phase 1
3rd October 2022Zenith Testnet Phase 1 Launch for whitelisted members.
20th October 2022Zenith v1 Launches on Mainnet

How will Whitelisting Procedure work?

Whitelisting applications will be open on Zenith’s Website from 25th September 2022. Anyone who wishes to get whitelisted will need to apply for the whitelisting procedure from the website and join the official discord server of Payper Finance. Once the Application Period ends, we will be given access to a first come first serve basis for the first 100 applicants.

Why only 100? We want to try out the project in a closed environment and also will be giving rewards to the users who test the application and help us improve the project by giving appropriate feedback.

Once the project is launched on the mainnet, simultaneously we will be announcing phase 2 of the testing. In phase 2 we will be whitelisting 1000 applicants and also have some more updates on the project and rewards system.

Photo for the Article - PayperFi Aims to Evolve DeFi Protocols on Tezos

How does the reward system work?

  1. Successful whitelisted users will get 10 PPR tokens.
  2. Taking a trade can earn you 2 $PPR tokens.
  3. At end of each day top 5 profitable traders get 50 $PPR tokens.
  4. If the position gets liquidated you get 1 $PPR Token.
  5. Reporting bugs to the team you can earn 50 to 1000 $PPR tokens.

What can you expect from Payper Finance after this?

  • Zenith Mainnet Launch
  • Zenith Phase-2 Testing that will include some updates in the first release.
  • More Rewards Distribution.
  • Adding tezos native tokens for trading such as $CTEZ, $PLENTY, $QUIPU, $INSTA, $DOGA
  • $PPR Staking to earn up to 20% APY in kUSD
  • Liquidation Bounty
  • Squatz(Tezos Power Perpetual) – Our 2nd DeFi Project

You can Connect us at

Ano ang Payper Finance?

Ang Paper Finance ay nakapokus sa nag-eevolve na DeFi protocols sa Tezos. Maglalabas kami ng defi protocols tulad ng Futures, Perpetual Futures, power Perpetuals, Options Trading, on-Chain Orderbook, Options Vaults, at marami pang iba sa mga susunod na araw. Sa ngayon, ipinakikilala namin sa inyo ang Zenith, isang perpetual futures platform na pinagagana ng Vitual AMM (VMM) technology.

Ipinakikilala ang Zenith

Ang Zenith ay ang pinakaunang perpetual future at options exchange sa Tezos blockchain. Nagbibigay ito ng kakayahan sa mga user na mag-long o short sa perpetual ng kanilang paboritong asset na may aabot sa 10X leverage sa anumang market condition. Ang Zenith ay may non-expiry future contracts na nagpapahintulot sa mga trader na mag-ispekula sa galaw ng presyo ng isang underlying asset nang walang aktwal na pagmamay-ari, sa pamamagitan ng pagbili (long) o pagbenta (short) ng contract at pagbigay ng insentibo sa mga trader sa anyo ng mga funding mechanism. Kami ay nag-aalok ng 100% on-chain at non-custodial trading. Ang Zenith ay gumagamit ng stable coins para sa future trading imbis na gumamit ng ibang token pair dahil ito ay nagreresulta ng mas mababang exposure sa volatility ng mga token na ito. Para dito, gumagamit tayo ng advanced version ng VMM imbis na AMM. Mayroon din kaming isang high-performance at peer-to-peer options trading na platform. Maaari kang bumli at magbenta ng options ng paborito mong crypto asset na may low fees, deep liquidity at accurate pricing na sinsigurado ng Tezos.

Ilulunsad na namin ang platform sa testnet at para dito, bubuksan na namin ang whitelisting applications para sa phase 1 ng testing.

Mga Nalalapit na Kaganapan

September 25 2022Bubuksan ang  Whitelisting applications para sa phase 1
October 3 2022Zenith Testnet Phase 1 Launch para sa whitelisted members.
October 20 2022Ilulunsad ang Zenith v1 sa Mainnet

Paano gagana ang Whitelisting Procedure?

Ang Whitelisiting applications ay magbubukas sa website ng Zenith simula September 25, 2022. Ang sinumang gustong ma-whitelist ay kailangang mag-apply para sa whitelisting procedure mula sa website at sumali sa official discord server ng Payper Finance. Sa oras na matapos ang Application period, tayo ay mabibigyan ng access sa pamamagitan ng first come first serve basis para sa unang 100 aplikante.

Bakit 100 lang? Gusto naming subukan ang aming proyekto sa isang closed environment at magbibigay rin kami ng rewards sa mga users na susubok sa application at tutulong sa amin na ma-improve ang proyekto sa pamamagitan ng pagbigay sa amin ng mga karampatang feedback.

Sa oras na ang proyekto ay mai-launch sa mainnet, kasabay rin naming iaanunsyo ang phase 2 ng testing. Sa phase 2, kami ay magwa-whitelist ng 1000 aplikante at magkakaroon rin ng mas marami pang updates sa proyekto at sa reward system.

Paano gagana ang reward system?

  1. Ang mga matagumpay na whitelisted user ay makakakuha ng 10 PPR tokens
  2. Ang pagkuha ng isang trade ay maaaring makapagbigay sa iyo ng kita na 2 $PPR tokens.
  3. Bago matapos ang araw, ang bawat 5 profitable traders ay makakakuha ng 50 $PPR tokens.
  4. Kung ang position ay ma-liquidate makakakuha ka ng 1 $PPR token
  5. Sa pagreport mo ng bug sa team ay maaaring makapagbigay sayo ng 50 hanggnag 1000 $PPR tokens.

Ano ang pwede mong asahan mula sa Payper Finance pagkatapos nito?

●     Zenith Mainnet LaunchZenith Phase-2 Testing na magsasama ng ilang updates sa unang release.

●     mas marami pang Rewards Distribution.

●     Pagdagdag ng tezos native tokens para sa trading tulad ng $CTEZ, $PLENTY, $QUIPU, $INSTA, $DOGA

●     $PPR Staking na maaaring makapagbigay ng kita na aabot sa 20% APY in kUSD

●     Liquidation Bounty

●     Squatz (Tezos Power Perpetual) – Ang aming ika-2 DeFi Project

This article is published in collaboration with TZ APAC: PayperFi Aims to Evolve DeFi Protocols on Tezos