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Scottie Pippen NFT Sold Out in More Than a Minute, the Fastest Sales Record in OpenSea

Sold out in 77 seconds, the collection consists of 1,000 digital sneakers that highlight the legend’s career. 1 NFT holder can win a VIP visit with Pippen.

Photo for the Article - Scottie Pippen NFT Sold Out in More Than a Minute, the Fastest Sales Record in OpenSea

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • The Scottie Pippen NFT collection, which consists of 1000 digital sneakers that highlight the legend’s career, has been sold out for 77 seconds only. 
  • It surpassed Anthony Hopkins NFT collection in holding the fastest sales record in OpenSea.
  • Both the Hopkins and Pippen NFT collections were launched by the NFT production company Orange Comet. 
  • One lucky NFT holder will be chosen to have a VIP visit with Pippen, while two holders will also be chosen to play golf with the basketball legend.

For just 77 seconds, the 1,000-piece non-fungible token (NFT) collection of six-time Chicago Bull champion Scottie Pippen was sold out, the fastest sales record in the NFT marketplace OpenSea since Anthony Hopkins’ 1,000-piece NFT collection that was sold within seven minutes. 

“After an amazing year for Orange Comet, selling out this iconic NFT collection and beating our previous record with Sir Anthony Hopkins’ drop is an incredible way to close out 2022 and a true testament to the work our team puts into the creation of these collections,” Orange Comet CEO and co-founder Dave Broome said in a statement. Orange Comet was responsible for both the former NBA legend’s and Hopkins’ collections.

Pippen’s collection is composed of digital sneakers as a collaboration with Orange Comet, as it also represents the company’s first step into releasing a line of “digital wearables” that is set to be called “Metawear.” As per the company, each pair of these NFTs includes Orange Comet’s 3D animations and a “mystery box” of digital art that will be unlocked in 2023. 

In addition, the NFT collection also has a perk where one lucky NFT holder will receive a VIP visit with Pippen that includes a personal dinner with him. While two other ticket holders will be chosen at random to participate in a private golf outing with the NBA legend, which will also include lunch. 

Further, 33 random NFT owners will be handed a pair of actual, physical, Pippen-autographed sneakers, and 33 more will receive a QR code with a $100 discount for sneaker lifestyle brands.

During the sale, the 333 initial entrants received a future free Pippen NFT basketball designed by Orange Comet that comes in a glass case.

As of this writing, the Pippen NFT collection recorded a total of ₱218 ETH (approximately 14.5 million or $263,000) in volume. 

Photo for the Article - Scottie Pippen NFT Sold Out in More Than a Minute, the Fastest Sales Record in OpenSea

Accordingly, Pippen’s sold-out collection also beat former US President Donald Trump’s collection, which was also released recently. His 45,000 fantasy-themed Trump Digital Trading Cards were sold out within two days of their release.

In the Philippines, boxing legend Manny Pacquaio is re-entering the NFT arena as he announced his collaboration with NFTOne, a Tron-based NFT marketplace, and START, an NFT marketing company.

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