[Panel Recap] Kookoo CryptoTV Emphasizes Importance of Contributing to Web3 Communities

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  • Kookoo CryptoTV discussed the importance of communities in the web3 industry during a panel at the Philippine Web3 Festival.
  • Kookoo advised that it is important to do research on the founders and products of a community before investing, and to join communities that allow open discussion without fear of being canceled.
  • Kookoo recently signed on as the first Creator Partner with Metasports to develop a new blueprint for web3 content creator management. He previously partnered with Nas.io to teach gaming strategies in Axie Infinity.

Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

Kookoo CryptoTV, one of the most prominent faces in the Filipino web3 community, talked about the importance of communities and the perks of having them within the industry during his one-on-one discussion with Nas.io’s Jacquelin Lim. 

His panel was part of the 3rd day of the Philippine Web3 Festival, a week-long event held last month which gathered the most important creators and personalities in web3 today. PH Web3 Fest also served as a celebration of the country as the global leader and epicenter of web3.

Kookoo Crypto

To start the discussion, Kookoo opened up about how he started in the space. According to him, at the height of the Axie Infinity phenomenon in the country, he was just a community member at first like everyone else, but with his desire to help and educate others, he became an “Axie Angel.” 

Eventually, he became a community manager for the gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) and is an active XtoEarn content creator and the founder of Level Up Gaming Guild. 

“The rest of the communities I am part of, I’m trying to help and contribute because I think it’s really important. When you join a community you start thinking how you can contribute to that community and not getting or extracting value from them,” he stated.  

He also shared that when he was starting his journey in the web3 space, there was someone who helped him claim his Uniswap rewards by giving him 0.1 ETH without asking for anything in return. After a year, he sent it back to the person who helped him and even informed the person about the content he made after receiving the token.

“What that 0.1 ETH means to me was an opportunity to really pay it forward to the community, because I experienced it myself. So, if the community is very welcoming if the community members are there to help each other; these communities will grow naturally,” Kookoo said.

Jacq Lim of Nas.io

Accordingly, Lim highlighted that the quality of communities helps promote the products they offer. She noted that, “community first, products second.” Lim then asked Kookoo what he looks at in communities as an investor before actually vetting its product. 

“That is a very tricky question because no one knows if a project will succeed or fail, but a group of people that can check or research about the founders, the product, and then discuss it, communities, really helps,” the creator responded, adding that “people can ask questions about a project without being canceled for promoting it” in the communities he belongs to.

Moreover, as they asked about the current members of web3 communities in the audience, Lim and Kookoo emphasized that the festival is the right place for them to start building connections and joining communities:

“This is the right place because there are a lot of founders, community managers, leaders of the space that are looking for genuine members to help contribute to their community or their projects. It’s very important to attend events that can help you, educate you, help you grow in the space.” 

As Kookoo advised, “you should really join communities that can help you not just learn but actually experience being part of building a community.”

Moreover, he also mentioned YGG and Nas Academy’s collaboration project Metaversity as “a good opportunity for web3 natives to really introduce the web3 communities, projects, to these people.” 

Recently, Kookoo signed with Metasports as their first-ever Creator Partner. The collaboration aims to develop a new blueprint for web3 content creator management, bridging professionalism from web2 standards to the next-gen profile of web3 gaming content creators.

Prior to this, he also partnered with Nas.io to teach other players gaming strategies when playing the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity.

The discussion was part of day three of the three-day conference of the recently concluded Philippine Web3 Festival held in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig. Access the live coverage for day 1 and day 2 here. 

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