Axie Infinity Warns Players ‘Juggling’ Axies. Updates Energy System

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By Nath Cajuday

Play-to-earn game Axie Infinity issued on Monday a warning about players ‘juggling’ Axies from one account to another to increase energy, stating that acts like this are against the game’s terms of service.

“We have noticed players ‘juggling’ Axies from one account to the next with the goal to increase their energy amount.  This goes against our terms of service,” Axie Inifinity announced. 

Because of this dishonesty, Axie Infinity also stressed that there will be a new ruling for the game’s Energy System, where Axies gifted or bought will not acquire energy on the day acquired, but rather will acquire energy on the server reset (8:00 am in PH time). 

“We have updated the Energy System so that Axies that are gifted or bought no longer count towards extra energy the same day as they are acquired. Banned Axies will no longer be counted towards extra energy in-game,” the game’s developers added. 

On its announcement, Axie Infinity reiterated that the extra energy based on Axie ownership will be updated on the server reset each day. 

For example, you have eight Axies on this day and added three more Axies, with a total of 11 Axies, from 20 energies, it will then be 40 energies on the next day’s server reset. 

Aside from Discord, the developers also announced the update on its twitter account, where users have different standpoint to the said game’s updated policy.  

However, there were some comments that appeal for the game’s rule about the Axie going back to level one when gifted to others. 

“I totally agree with that method. But please remove the rule that brings them back to Level 1. It’s a sacrifice for managers when we need to breed. And scholars are demotivated,” a twitter user replied, who introduced himself as a manager.

Earlier in October, the game’s developers announced that giving the Axie to other account will reset its level and will no longer require Axies being synced in-game

Meanwhile, Axie Infinity player Nixtape, on Twitter, explained this announcement in Filipino language. 

“For #PH players and scholars, ang ibig sabihin ng update na ‘to ay lahat ng dagdag energy kapag nag-aadd ka ng Axie sa account mo ay magrereflect lang tuwing 8 AM ng umaga araw-araw,” the gamer twitter. 

[“For #PH players and scholars, the update means that all the additional energies when you add Axie to your account will only reflect every 8:00 AM every day.”]

Closing its announcement, Axie Infinity emphasized that there will be a reduced Small Love Potion (SLP) gain for cheaters. 

“P.S. This will reduce SLP gain from cheaters,” the announcement concluded. 

This article is published on BitPinas: Axie Infinity Warns Players ‘Juggling’ Axies. Updates Energy System

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[…] This article is published on BitPinas: Axie Infinity Warns Players ‘Juggling’ Axies. Updates Energy System […]




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