Axie Infinity Origin – Buff and Debuffs Guide and Status Effects

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By Meghan Lim and Julian Barcega

For Axie Infinity’s latest version, Origin, the team at Sky Mavis revamped the buffs and debuffs experienced in the game and refreshed the player experience by introducing a significant number of status effects. Gone are the days when we look at a symbol and automatically know the status of our precious Axies—a new chapter has unfolded; let us get to learning!

List of Status Effects

In this guide, Axie Status Effects are classified into three: Buffs, Debuffs, and Neutrals.

They are compiled below and are briefly described. All data is subject to change as Axie Infinity progresses the game.


BubbleBlock 5 DMG/stack. Max: 3 stack. Turn into Bubble Bomb upon reaching 3 stacks.
CleanserEach stack negates 1 debuff applied on the target.
FeatherWhen Axie does an attack, consume all Feather stacks to deal 2 bonus DMG per stack and heals 2 HP per stack. Max: 10 stack.
Healing BoostIncrease healing card effects to this unit by 1 HP per stack.
MeditateMeditate for 2 turns. If attacked while Meditating, awake and gain 3 Rage. If not, Cleanse 1 debuff and gain 1 Energy after effect ends.
Shield BoostThe Target has Shield gained from cards increased by 1 per stack.
Bubble BombNext attack explodes Bubble Bomb and deals 20 DMG to all Enemies.
Damage BoostThe target has Attack DMG increased by 1 per stack.
FuryGain 1 Energy when transformed. Deal double damage and last for 1 turn.
LeafRegen 5 HP at the end of your turn. Max stack: 5.
RageDMG is increased by 2 per Rage stack. Transform into Fury Form when it reaches 10 Rage stack.
StealthThe target cannot be targeted directly. If it uses a card, remove Stealth.


BleedWhenever the target uses a card, it loses 15HP.
DisarmedThe target cannot use Attack cards.
FearWhenever the target uses an Attack card, shuffle a Confused into its draw pile.
Heal BlockThe target cannot be healed.
PoisonAt the start of its turn, the target loses 3 HP per stack and stacks are reduced by 1. Max: 30 stacks.
SleepThe target cannot use cards. If it is attacked, remove Sleep.
VulnerableThe target receives 20% more attack damage.
Death MarkWhenever the opponent plays an Attack Card, the target take 13 DMG per Energy spent.
DoubtThe target gains 20% less HP from Healing.
FragileThe target gains 20% less Shield from cards.
HexWhenever the target uses a non-Attack card, shuffle a Confused into its draw pile.
SilenceThe target cannot use non-Attack cards.
StunnedThe target cannot perform any action.
WeakThe target deals 20% less attack damage.


TauntThe target is always targeted by the enemy’s attack abilities.

Unsurprisingly, status effects are more than able to change the tide of ongoing battles.. While they can act as both an advantage and disadvantage to Axie Teams and their Trainers, all it takes is the right hand, great synergy, and foreseeing decisions to swoop in and take the victory. Thus, it is indeed important to familiarize yourself with buffs, debuffs, and neutrals to advance your gameplay and climb the top of the leaderboard!

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