Illuvium | How to Get Started | Ultimate Beginners Guide for Filipinos

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Illuvium is a AAA play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain. This non-fungible token role playing game (RPG) is inspired by Pokémon where you can collect Illuvials and use them for battle. Illuvials are in-game alien-like creatures that can be collected using Shards across the game regions.

Imagine yourself stuck in a planet after following a distress call coming from it and in the process your spacecraft crashed because of the harsh environment it has. After a while, you noticed that you are not alone on this planet. Mutated beings called Illuvials roam around with godlike powers coming from silver crystals called Shards. Upon realizing that this planet can be a cradle of your civilization, you will then use these Shards to control and collect 100+ kinds of Illuvials as you explore and discover more territories in this vast planet.

Illuvium Gameplay


This is a free-to-play mode where you can get the hang of the game. You would have to travel around the planet to capture and collect Illuvials. There are rare Illuvials that you might bump into but the chances of catching them varies and may change from time to time. 

As you do more explorations, you can also mine materials and harvest fruits to enhance your weapons and armors, making you a stronger and competitive player in the player versus player battle arena. Your armor can wear out while hunting but can be restored using items.

Battle Arenas

Now for the competitive gamers out there, after collecting your Illuvials and creating your own team with good synergy, you can challenge random players on Ranked Arena into a battle to see whose team is stronger. Winning matches will reward you $sILV or Synthetic ILV token. It’s the game currency which we will talk about in a bit as you continue reading. 

You can also connect or ad-hoc with your friends through Leviathan Arena just for fun. Nothing to earn from it. However, other players can watch your battles and the interesting part is, they can wager on the outcome of the matches. It’s a great way to burn the game’s currency and it serves as another way of earning as well.

Mining and Harvesting

To make your character stronger, your in-game drone can be used to scout for loot as you roam around. You can gather ores, uncured shards, and rare gemstones. These items can be forged into weapons and armors by fusing materials and energy. You can also sell these items in IlluviDEX, the online marketplace, to earn more $sILV. Fruits can also be harvested to add enhancements to your Illuvials during battle or to heal them instead of going to their hospital-like place, where injured Illuvials chill for a bit, called the Sanctum Mesa. There is a fee for healing, by the way, and they call it Illuvium Revival.

What are Illuvials and How to Get Them

These are the main NFT you can use to battle with. Some of these creatures are easy to find while others are so rare that you could be lucky to find one. There are more than a hundred Illuvials that you can find in the game and each of them possesses unique abilities. They have a Hybrid Synergy System that allows these abilities to be enhanced during the battle. Meaning, some abilities compliment the other Illuvial’s ability to create a better chance of winning the game. 

If you have lots of Illuvials, you can fuse them together to make a more powerful one, even if they belong to a different class or type of Illuvial.

There are five elements used to categorize Illuvials: water, fire, Earth, air and nature. You can also create a better element by fusing them together. For instance, if you fuse an air type with a water type, you’ll get a frost type Illuvial. Imbues are used to enhance these creatures.

Where to buy Illuvium Assets like Illuvials and Shards?

IlluviDEX, or the Illuvium Decentralized Exchange, serves as the marketplace governed by the Iluvium DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). It’s a place where to trade in-game NFTs, like Illuvials, with other players. In-game items like shards, weapons, armors and imbues can be traded here, too.

What are ILV Tokens

The token that is associated with Illuvium is ILV and is not needed for gameplay. It is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The three main functions of ILV are:

Governance – By holding ILV, you can become part of the Illuvinati Council. You can then participate in voting if changes are needed to be done to improve the game and community as a whole. 

Liquidity mining – You can be part of the vault distribution when you stake ILV and in return, you will be rewarded with additional ILV as you continue to stake.

Vault distributions – This means when the game becomes fully operational, you can have your share of the revenue while you’re staking ILV.

You can purchase ILV at SushiSwap to get the best price because SushiSwap is Illivium’s official pool. Use can start Staking when you connect your wallet to the official website of Illuvium.

On the other hand, the $sILV or Synthetic ILV token can be used to purchase in-game items and for curing shards. By staking ILV, you can earn this token, as well.

Is Illuvium a DAO

Illuvium has their own council that governs over the whole project. The DAO, Illuvinati Council, is composed of ILV holders. There will be individuals nominated to head the decision making and voting over changes in the project.

Kudos to the Illuvium DAO for preventing further exploits that happened in late 2021 where a security breach in their Discord server occurred and millions of dollars worth of ILV were taken from ILV holders. The developers were able to detect the error in their smart contract and prevented further exploitations. The holders were compensated. 

In the process, the vesting or giving people the right to hold ILV is currently on hold and awaiting for its version 2 (V2). For further details, refer to their update.

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