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Saga Airdrop Begins, Distributed to Over 200,000 Wallets

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Updated on March 11, 2024: Saga Airdrop Begins

  • Saga Gaming Token Airdrop Launch: The gaming-centric network Saga initiated its airdrop claim process on Wednesday, following a series of play-to-airdrop competitions held over three months. Winners from these events, along with crypto users who staked tokens on select blockchain networks, are eligible to claim SAGA tokens.
  • Wide Eligibility Across Chains: Over 200,000 unique wallets across Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos, Celestia, and the Ethereum scaling solution Polygon are eligible for the airdrop. The claims portal is now live, with the claim period open until March 27. A total of 60 million SAGA tokens are available in the airdrop.
  • Saga’s airdrop competitions encompassed games on its testnet and popular titles on other chains, including the card battler Parallel and the first-person shooter Shrapnel.
  • Saga is also allocating airdrop tokens to users who staked the native cryptocurrencies of Avalanche, Polygon, Celestia, and Cosmos during specified periods in 2023, as detailed in Saga’s eligibility guide.
  • Claiming is until March 27, 2024.
  • Instructions to claim can be found here.

Original article follows:

Aiming to reward and encourage loyalty, Saga, a protocol for automatically provisioning application-specific blockchains, announced its Community Genesis Airdrop, which will reward those who used the platforms associated with Saga during the “frigid crypto winter.”

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(Since this article was first written, Saga has expanded airdrop rewards to partner games on Avalanche, Polygon, and Solana.)

Saga Airdrop Overview

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Saga is known for offering products that allow developers to launch their own dedicated blockchain, or Chainlet, “as easy as deploying a smart contract,” built on top of Cosmos blockchain. It is also focused on crypto gaming and is set to launch its own mainnet. 

“As we open 2024 and get ever closer to Saga Mainnet, we are unveiling the eligibility criteria for Saga’s general community airdrop, the last major component of our genesis airdrop. All snapshots have been taken,” the team wrote.

Moreover, Saga’s utility token, $SAGA, is also set to be a form of membership into “a community with a shared set of values.” It will also be used for securing the Mainnet through staking and for transaction fees in paying for Chainlets, according to the protocol’s developers: 

“In the world of crypto, loyalty is defined by active engagement in a community and taking a long-term view of an ecosystem. Therefore, for Saga’s token generation event (TGE) distribution, we are targeting loyal stakers and users of our closest tech partners, as demonstrated by their activity through the toughest crypto bear environment.”

In 2023, Saga announced its partnership with Celestia, Polygon, and Avalanche, with the aim of adopting the technologies offered by these networks. 

Saga Genesis Airdrop Details

This is not the first time that Saga has been involved in an airdrop. In December 2023, the protocol launched Saga Advent, the first season of its Play-to-Airdrop program with daily tournaments for 25 days. 

Meanwhile, this will be the first community airdrop of the platform. The airdrop will give away $SAGA tokens to the communities of Cosmos, Celestia, Polygon, and Avalanche. 

“As a sign of appreciation to those projects who believed in the Saga technology and mission, certain members of the Celestia, Polygon, and Avalanche communities will be receiving an airdrop of genesis $SAGA tokens,” the team emphasized.

The following are eligible: 

  • For the Cosmos community, those that increased their stake from 04/20/2023 to 10/20/2023 or had more than 25 $ATOM staked on 10/20/2023. 
  • For the Celestia community, those that staked more than 23 $TIA on 12/01/2023. 
  • For the Polygon community, those that staked more than 300 $MATIC on 10/20/2023 or wallets that bridged more than 0.4 $ETH using the ZKEVM bridge. 
  • For the Avalanche community, those that staked $AVAX on 04/20/2023 or 10/20/2023. 

Moreover, ‌the genesis community airdrop also marks the beginning of Season 2 of Saga’s Play-to-Airdrop program. The program will last until February, according to the developers. 

To qualify, join the tournaments on the games building cross-chain between Saga and its three partners. Saga will run tournaments for five games with each of its partners. The leaderboards per tournament will receive $SAGA as a reward. To be updated on which games will host a tournament, follow Saga on X, and join their community on Discord and Telegram

Lastly, Saga will also be having tournaments for developers and builders in the space. Up until February, the team said that they would run about two or three tournaments where the Pegasus Testnet, Saga’s main product, would be open for stress testing. 

Saga Three Kingdoms Tournament Airdrop

“In the wake of a long bear, airdrop season is finally brewing. With Saga, we opted for the epic opening across FIVE incredible communities simultaneously. Best of luck to our Saganauts far and wide!” Saga concluded. 

  • The Saga Three Kingdoms Tournament began this weekend with a 2-hour stream hosted by Brycent, a prominent figure in Web3 gaming, scheduled last 11AM PT on Saturday, January 20th.
  • Participating Kingdoms: The tournament features Solana and Polygon, showcasing games from MixMob & Forest Knight, as well as Saga Innovators like StarHeroes & Bullieverse.
  • Prize Opportunities: Over 160 spots in the $SAGA Genesis Airdrop are up for grabs for top players. Additional prizes include WL/FreeMint spots for Forest Knight Expansion Mint on OpenSea, StarHeroes Beta Season 2 passes, $SUD Giftdrop from MixMob, 150K $RUSH token credits from Bullieverse, and 50 Gam3 Magic Keys.
  • Pre-Event Twitter Space: A preparatory Twitter Space hosted by Saga CEO Rebecca Liao, Brycent, Spike, and team members from participating games scheduled last Thursday, January 18th at 10AM PT.

Game-Specific Information and eligibility


  • About: A multiplayer space shooter designed for esports, currently in Beta.
  • How to Play: Fill out a form for game access, create an account on GameSwift, and join the NA server during the tournament.
  • Rewards: Top 40 scores win a spot in the $SAGA Genesis Airdrop and Season 2 passes.

Forest Knight:

  • About: A turn-based RPG game in the Polygon gaming ecosystem, available on mobile.
  • How to Play: Download from the App Store, connect to MetaMask, and reach stage 11 on tournament day.
  • Rewards: First 40 accounts win $SAGA Airdrop spots and NFT Mint spots, with one free NFT Mint.


  • About: A card/racing game in the Solana community, accessible via URL.
  • How to Play: Sign in on the MixMob website and participate in races in the Neolympus Arena.
  • Rewards: Top 20 players win $SAGA Genesis Airdrop spots, with additional winners from a raffle.

Necrodemic by Bullieverse:

  • About: A zombie shooter game, part of the Bullieverse gaming ecosystem.
  • How to Play: Sign up on the Bullieverse website, download Necrodemic, and achieve the highest score.
  • Rewards: Top 25 scores eligible for the $SAGA Genesis Airdrop.

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