Gives Select YGG Scholars Access to Learn-to-Earn Game

Share some Bitpinas love:, a collaborative Web3 developer curriculum, announced the launch of its pilot program that will allow close to a thousand YGG scholars access to its Learn-to-earn platform. The developers encourage the scholars to apply as soon as possible as spots in the pilot program are limited.

Initially, Metacrafters students will pay their tuition for courses, but upon completion, they will earn back their tuition with additional rewards. However, scholars in the YGG pilot program will have their tuition covered by YGG in exchange for sharing a portion of their rewards. 

Grant money will be used to fund cryptocurrency rewards and incentivize students to take developer courses and learn Web3 coding skills. Course completion will also be rewarded with a Proof of Learn NFT minted as a permanent, public credential on the blockchain as well as an NFT that can be used in the game world or sold to another player in the marketplace.

Proof of Learn, Inc.(POL), the company behind, is a Web3 education platform with a mission to unlock accessible, high-quality education across the world through blockchain and a learn-to-earn protocol. In January it successfully raised approximately $17M in a seed round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and joined by Animoca Brands, GoldenTree Asset Management, gumi Cryptos Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Arca, Wavemaker Ventures, Learn Capital and Rethink Education. (Read more: Proof of Learn (POL) Platform Raises $15M in Round Led by New Enterprise Associates)

“As Proof of Learn’s premier project, Metacrafters is the perfect place for us to start connecting promising Web3 global talent with gainful global employment. Metacrafters’ mission is to guide, reward and unite a community of learners while connecting them to professional developer opportunities,” says Proof of Learn’s Sheila Lirio Marcelo. “As someone with strong personal ties to the Philippines, I care deeply about creating Web3 education and employment opportunities in developing economies,” –Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Co-founder and CEO of Proof of Learn

Marcelo also founded in 2006, a revolutionized care services on Web2 by connecting skilled workers with fair-paying jobs in the care industry. She noted that like, POL’s Metacrafters is designed with accessibility and equality as two of its key values, “making high-quality education accessible to the 32 million developers around the globe for whom these new skills may open up life-changing employment opportunities.”

Giving access to YGG scholars adheres to the go-to-market strategy of Metacrafters which initially targets students in emergent economies such as Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and Latin America. 

”More than a billion people will be onboarded to the Metaverse over the coming years. Many will come to Web3 through play-to-earn games, but we’re excited to see other versions of the X-to-earn model, such as MetaCrafters’ learn-to-earn. YGG’s partnership with MetaCrafters will teach gamers and coders to build in Web3, and give them the opportunity to earn while they learn.” –Gabby Dizon, Co-founder of YGG

In a statement, they noted that the above-mentioned regions have an “incredible potential and the need for access to Web3 education and job opportunities and Metacrafters’ learn-to-earn model will incentivize developers to complete their courses and supplement their income while they are learning, ultimately upskilling a new generation of Web3 developers.”

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