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Nas Daily Features Kookoo Crypto TV’s Crypto Journey

Nas Daily featured Axie Infinity content creator Kookoo Crypto in their crypto week special.

Photo for the Article - Nas Daily Features Kookoo Crypto TV's Crypto Journey

“This guy was an Uber driver, now he’s a millionaire! He was working 14 hours everyday; now, he plays video games in his pajamas! He owns digital pets that make babies with each other and he sells the babies to make money!”

Video content creator Nas Daily featured the journey of Kooko Crypto TV, one of the first and most popular content creators of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, from being an Uber driver to a crypto millionaire. Kookoo’s story was shared through the second episode of Nas Daily’s Crypto Week.

In this episode, Nas Daily narrated how Kookoo’s life changed through playing Axie Infinity. According to them, Kookoo used to work at fast food restaurants earning only at least $200 (at least Php 10,000) per month, which led to him dropping out of college because he couldn’t afford it. 

“I didn’t have enough money to learn so went straight to work,” Kookoo said in the video.

After dropping out of school, he ended up as an Uber driver. As stated in the video, driving helps Kookoo earn at least $1,500 (Php 75,000) per month. These digits however, drew attention as people pointed out that Php 75,000 gross income per month was already a lot.

Kookoo explained in a Facebook post that his monthly income for driving is “barely enough” considering the Uber expenses such as the monthly payment for the car, gas expense, food expense and maintenance. He also added that their living expenses like bills, rent and even debts should be paid monthly.

“Madalas naman lugi sa krudo at pagod kapag malayo drive tapos traffic. Kaya kanya-kanya kaming diskarte. May kotse ka pero hirap pa din sa buhay. Binili namin yung sasakyan pang-Uber at hindi luho. Malaki ang kita, malaki din ang gastos. Yan po ang totoo. Kakatapos lang din namin bayaran yang sasakyan last Sept. 2021 at may penalty pa kasi di kami nakakabayad dahil sa pandemic,” he wrote.

(Translation: There are times that our income doesn’t reflect our gas expense and effort especially if there is traffic. We have a car but that doesn’t mean we’re living in luxury. We bought the car to use it for Uber as a source of income and not for leisure. The income was high but the expense was also high. This is the truth. We even just finished paying for the car in September 2021 and we also paid for the penalty because we weren’t able to pay during the pandemic.)

However, Kookoo’s struggle in life was about to change when he read an article about a game that promises something that could be considered “too good to be true” because Axie Infinity guaranteed that people can “make money while playing a game.”

“I love playing video games, so I asked my wife to trust me and gave this a try,” he said.

After learning the mechanics of the game and how to breed Axies, in the comfort of his own home Kookoo was able to make $50-$100 (Php 2,500-5,000) for each Axie sold and that was before the peak of the game. Currently one Axie could cost at a minimum of Php 10,000.

“The best thing to do when you’re starting is to buy your own Axie. Before you breed, make sure that you are targeting a certain specific skill or class,” Kookoo shared. 

Accordingly, the video also reannounced Kookoo’s partnership with Nas Daily’s online education platform, Nas Academy, which aims to teach other players Axie Infinity gaming strategies. (Read more:  Kookoo Crypto TV Partners with Nas Academy to Teach Axie Infinity Gaming Strategies)

“This story is not about getting rich. In fact most players do not get rich. The average person from these games only makes $100-$200 (Php 10,000-20,000) a month. This video is about a revolution that is taking place. Everything we know about games, banks, (and) finance is changing because of crypto!” Nas Daily added.

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