Play-to-earn Games to Watch Out This August 2022

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August is finally here! Just a few more days and the Filipinos will start to hear Christmas carols at their favorite malls. Will this month give blockchain gamers the vibe of Christmas being around the corner? Here are some games on our lists for players to look forward to in the month of August.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This article aims to inform readers of upcoming games and updates from games. Practice due diligence in researching before investing in blockchain games.


Ascenders announced its land gameplay to its community last July. These lands are small parcels of the Ascenders virtual world and can be utilized by land owners and players. Land owners can develop this land to build resource gatherers and storages to help the economy of the game.

Ascenders is an open-world game based on Avalanche protocol.

Axie Infinity

This may not be a game update but more of a community engagement from the team of Axie Infinity. They have launched Artisan Challenge: Summer Lovin’ to empower the community’s talented members to create artwork with relations to the Summer vibed theme.

Artists can join by creating their pieces which includes one of the two axies in the banner or a 6/6 Summer axie. The submissions can be drawn, painted, music, in a form of sculpture, 3D printed or animated. It needs to be uploaded on Twitter with the hashtag #AxieSummer. And a form needs to be filled up. The prize pool consists of 1500 AXS, Axies, Summer Axies and more. Deadline is at 9:00 AM (Manila time) on August 22, 2022.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Although Crazy Defense Heroes started its current season last July 22, it has opened an event for its cardholders to earn more. 

Based on their blog, in the month of August they will release a play-to-earn (P2E) event for those who hold their non-fungible token (NFT) cards. The event aims to enable their holders of Battle Cards to earn up to 1,000 TOWER tokens and a Badge NFT in addition to the rewards from the other two Crazy Defense Heroes events — Avatar XP Gain and Daily Star Chest.

To be eligible, players need to meet the criteria given below:

For more information about the mechanics, refer to their blog.

Crazy Tower Defense is created by Animoca Brands. This is a combination of tower defense and strategic card battling.


Genopets has partnered with Magic Eden to create their own semi-fungible token (SFT) collection and have the technical support from the marketplace platform. This is a first for a Solana-based blockchain game to have SFTs which RPG gamers could relate to. These tokens can be staked on their inventory without consuming much of the capacity of the storage. The images are the same but if a gamer has 10 of these tokens it will be represented as 10x on the inventory.

Genopets initial SFTs will be their Refined Genotype Crystals and Terraform Seeds.

Genopet’s launch for Habitat on August 4 will be delayed due to the incident in the Solana network but the developers will announce the new schedule for it to be launched.

For more of Genopets, read How to Play Genopets | Gene Token Guide Philippines.

Legends of Venari

With the start of the Beta season of Legends of Venari, players will expect more. Having its own marketplace can give its players the capability to trade in-game assets like in-game character Venaris and base passes from Alpha pass holders. New variants of Venaris are introduced into the game and returning ones as well. This can bring more variants of the in-game characters and build a better collection.

The game developers also introduced a new location – the new island region, Pele’ino. From the active, rumbling volcano to the white sand beaches popular for party go-ers, Pele’ino features eight brand new locations that players can explore.

A new gameplay – The Grid – will also be introduced to the players, which introduced some tweaks to the hunting process and population of Venari.

Meda Wars

Cryptomeda’s Meda Wars is now live on Android and IOS. Meda Wars is a turn-based strategy game. The objective of the game is for players to gain control of its own galaxy Cryptomeda. There are two factions of players who will fight to gain dominion over the galaxy. Players need to purchase NFT in-game assets to be rewarded with TECH tokens.


MetaGods have just released its alpha version of the game. MetaGods is a role-playing game (RPG) built on the Binance Smartchain network. Players can play the game by entering their email address and connecting their Binance network-based wallet. The game is still in development but the alpha version can give gamers a glimpse of its potential.

Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies has launched its own governance token ASTRAFER. It will be used for minting special NFTs like the Thermopylae Poster 3. It will also be used in the governance of specific guild types and can be used to stake on bases to increase their output. Players can trade for ASTRAFER on Quickswap.

Alongside the launch of Episode 4 within the year, Phantom Galaxies plans to launch the Astrafite Rush event. This event will involve completing in-game objectives to earn raffle tickets for potential rewards in ASTRAFER.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas has finally opened its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to its community. POLIS tokens will serve as its governance token and a means for the community to make voting possible. Community members can stake their POLIS tokens and cast their votes when there is a need for amendments to the Star Atlas metaverse. This move will impact the future of the game.

World Eternal Online

World Eternal Online has announced the release of its alpha version. Whitelisted community members will be given access to the game. To verify if they are qualified to play, they will be informed in their Discord server and a special badge will be sent to their inventory.

Blockchain games in the list show they are setting up events and introducing their governance tokens. Some games are also entering their alpha phase or still delivering their game features to improve their gameplay and player interactions.

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