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XYO Reaches Over 1 Million Users in Asia

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Real-world data verification protocol XYO has unveiled that its network has reached over 1 million nodes in Asia. With over 7 million nodes worldwide, XYO utilizes a network comprising individual nodes to establish a decentralized and autonomous system for data management.

According to Chainalysis, Asia was the leading continent in crypto adoption in 2023. XYO is at the forefront of the blockchain market in Asia, with the XYO token listed on region-leading crypto exchanges such as Coinstore,, CoinW, HTX,, and KuCoin.

XYO is constructing the infrastructure for the next stage of blockchain in Web3, the Sovereign Internet, which surpasses traditional blockchain ledgers by prioritizing decentralization and user autonomy, ensuring security, universal accessibility, and user-centricity. 

At the start of the year, XYO launched the “Build the Future” Initiative for XYO Platform 2.0. This initiative includes a bounty system, detailed guides, documentation, and demo & sample dApps. These resources demonstrate the user-friendly features of XYO 2.0 across various settings, ensuring smooth node operation for XYO’s expanding global community.

The XYO platform leads the convergence of blockchain and AI, pioneering a future where decentralized tech and real-world data seamlessly interact for enhanced transparency, efficiency, and security in the digital realm. XYO enables AI model training using private and proprietary datasets without relinquishing control over the data. This leads to the development of highly specialized large language models that leverage both restricted and publicly available data, facilitating communication between these models. The result is optimal and highly relevant AI outcomes without diminishing data sovereignty.

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The XYO token is a vital component of the XYO ecosystem, serving as the fuel that powers XYO Network’s operations. It acts as compensation to incentivize users who contribute to the ecosystem by creating or sharing data. The XYO token encourages users to engage in activities such as generating, sharing, and validating data, thereby fostering a secure and transparent environment.

The utility of the XYO Token within the ecosystem supports its functionality and fosters its growth. Major XYO products with real-world utility include:

  • xyoAI: xyoAI merges AI with blockchain’s ethos, using XY coordinates to integrate real-world data, ensuring accuracy and security while offering insights across sectors, marking a leap toward a future of seamless interaction between decentralized tech and real-world data.
  • xyoP2P: xyoP2P facilitates direct connections between nodes in xyoOS and the XYO Network, essential for achieving system sovereignty where nodes can communicate directly, utilizing autonomous discovery for some nodes while others may require centralized or decentralized handshake services based on network topology.
  • xyoOS: The XYO Platform Node provides essential functionality within the XYO ecosystem, offering users a desktop solution akin to the XYO Mobile App.
  • xyoNS: xyoNS serves as the naming system for both xyoOS and the XYO Network, similar to ENS, allowing the use of friendly names for accessing modules and data rather than addresses and hashes, while also providing a shared namespace for public name resolution.

XY Labs’ (XYO’s parent company) stock was tokenized and currently trades on the tZERO ATS, which operates in countries such as China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand.

XYO has a vibrant, inclusive community and is always looking for new members. You can become part of the ecosystem by applying to participate in the Builder Bounty Program or downloading the COIN app.

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