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Filipino-developed Anito Legends Kicks Off Burning Event

Photo for the Article - Filipino-developed Anito Legends Kicks Off Burning Event
  • Anito Legends introduced the “Rite of Ipa-Alam,” a burning event where players can burn their NFTs and $GINTO and receive fresh crafting resources, including Black Pearls.
  • Genesis and Ancient Anitos that are burned will receive a unique stone to transfer a glow to a weapon.
  • After burning Anito NFTs, players can use acquired Anito souls in the “Rite of Ipa-Likha” to imbue them into equipment, creating special and more powerful versions. 

To promote balance into its gaming ecosystem, locally developed Anito Legends introduced a burning event called “Rite of Ipa-Alam.” The developers also implemented new game updates.

Rite of Ipa-Alam

“Translated to “The Rite of Farewell,” this is the final journey of Anitos from the Land of Lupa into the great unknown waters,” Anito Legends said.

To do the ritual, worn-out Anito veterans may reunite with their ancestral companions by compensating the ferryman with the in-game currency $GINTO; in return, it will give fresh crafting resources. Players receive an equivalent quantity of Black Pearls based on the amount of tokens they provide.

In addition, the developers stated that Anito souls acquired may be used for crafting on-chain weapons in “the very near future.”

Anito Legends Burning Event

Although the developers mentioned several times not to burn the ancient Anitos, they shared that Genesis and Ancient Anitos that have been burned will also receive a unique stone that transfers the radiant glow of Genesis to a weapon, while the Ancient glow will resemble the image depicted below.

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Once an Anito has been burned, players have the opportunity to commemorate them with a social media card. They can compose a brief eulogy to cherish the cherished moments shared with their Anito.

Rite of Ipa-Likha

After the burning of the Anito NFTs, users may use their acquired Anito souls through the “Rite of Ipa-Likha” which will allow the players to imbue the souls into equipment, transforming them into special and more powerful versions. These weapons will be minted as NFT assets, enabling them to be traded within the marketplace.

To utilize these new weapon mechanics, the game will launch special activities including exclusive towers and challenges bringing rewards that will require NFT equipment to participate and claim.

Faster Summoning

Anito Legends also teased that it will later implement the player request for faster summoning via $GINTO. 

“As for $GINTO costs for the three activities, we are still in the process of finalizing everything. Do note that some in-game mechanics can still change but we wanted to give players a heads up so that they can prepare accordingly. Stay tuned for more in-depth reveals in the coming days!” the developers concluded. 

Recent Anito Legends Update

Last month, Anito Legends rolled out updates for the “late summer” season, featuring a refreshed game appearance. Developer Masayato Games has also introduced new gear as a tribute to content creator Master Kamote. 

The recent announcement for its upcoming updates for 2023 includes a new battle mode called Raid Battle, which is currently in soft launch and becomes accessible once players reach level 15. Raid Battle offers players the opportunity to explore lengthy dungeons or defeat formidable bosses. 

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