AI Takes Over: 3x More People Are Searching for AI Jobs Than Crypto Jobs

Explore the latest trends in job searches. A recent study reveals that AI job searches are tripling those of crypto.

AI Takes Over - 3x More People Are Searching for AI Jobs Than Crypto Jobs

Following the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), independent cryptocurrency aggregator CoinGecko revealed in a study that job seekers are now searching more for AI-related jobs rather than crypto-related ones. 

Google Trends Results: AI Jobs vs. Crypto Jobs

Coingecko’s study analyzed Google Trends data to explore the shifting interest between AI and crypto jobs. By examining search interest, the platform said it gained insights into the relative levels of interest and identified significant trends in these sectors.

As per the data, search interest in “AI jobs” peaked at four times higher than “crypto jobs.” The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other AI launches contributed to the surge in interest. In addition, while search interest for “AI jobs” has decreased since its peak, it remains four times higher than “crypto jobs.” 

In 2020, average search interest for “AI jobs” was already three times higher than “crypto jobs” until the start of the crypto rally in early 2021. Despite the growth in the crypto industry during the bull market, search interest for “crypto jobs” remained considerably lower than “AI jobs,” highlighting the dominance of the AI narrative among job seekers.

Graph showing Google trends results for AI and Crypto Jobs
More people are searching for AI jobs than crypto jobs. Source: Coingecko

The Impact of AI in the Job Sector

The rise of AI has brought significant transformations in various industries. Following its advancements in learning and natural language processing, organizations are now utilizing the power of AI to optimize operations, boost efficiency, and foster innovative solutions.

Recently, global professional services firm Accenture announced its plans to invest $3 billion in AI which aims to accelerate the digital transformation of Accenture’s clients and empower them to maximize the potential of AI technology.

Consequently, according to a study by Accenture, there is a high likelihood of job elimination and around 40% of working hours being impacted by  ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat

In a “conversation” with BitPinas, Bard acknowledged the negative impact of AI on certain industries and identified five sectors that it believes are most affected by AI–customer service, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and transportation.

The State of Crypto Jobs in the Market

Moreover, CoinGecko noted that search interest for “Crypto Jobs” peaked at a score of 26 on both January 9 and 30, 2022, surpassing the interest in “AI Jobs” and reaching a level five times higher than the baseline in January 2020.

However, by December 25, 2022 Google Trends noted that the search interest for this topic experienced a significant decline as the crypto market sentiment turned bearish, hitting a low score of 9. CoinGecko noted that the plunge is a substantial drop of -288% from its peak. 

In a recent study by ConsenSys and YouGov, it was revealed that Filipinos have limited understanding of crypto and web3 technology, with only 25% of respondents indicating familiarity. Despite this, the same survey shared that 65% of pinoys are curious about investing in cryptocurrencies. 

Furthermore, the respondents provided insights into the key skills they believe are necessary to enter and participate in the industry. Their top four identified skills are financial trading, marketing, software engineering, and creative abilities in art and music.

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