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How Kookoo is Bridging Web2 and Web3 Through Metasports, Collab

How Kookoo is Bridging Web2 and Web3 Through Metasports, Collab
  • Kookoo Crypto TV, a Filipino crypto content creator, shared updates on his partnerships with web3 entities MetaSports and during a recent BitPinas Webcast.
  • His collaboration with MetaSports focuses on redefining web3 content creator management, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional web2 and web3 gaming content creators. 
  • He teased that there will be more upcoming strategic partnerships and opportunities for Filipinos through their Ronin validator nodes with

Pioneering Filipino crypto content creator Kookoo revealed more details about his partnership with licensed crypto exchange and web3 agency MetaSports. The influencer shared his insights during the 21st episode of the BitPinas Webcast which aired on August 29, 2023

The State of Crypto Gaming in PH Today with Kookoo | BitPinas Webcast 21
The State of Crypto Gaming in PH Today with Kookoo

Kookoo and MetaSports Partnership

In November of last year, Kookoo became the first creator partner of MetaSports, a web3 gaming and esports content hub and media agency. 

MetaSports, at the time of the announcement, said the collaboration is meant to redefine web3 content creator management, bridging the gap between traditional web2 and the unique characteristics of web3 gaming content creators. 

During the interview with BitPinas, Kookoo expressed delight over his collaboration with MetaSports as they are set to efficiently onboard new creators into the space, citing that it is now part of the “creator economy.”

“The goal is to provide opportunities for those who want to be creators in ‌space, to help them position into the next wave—the creator economy. Creators now own their content, unlike before when we needed to gain more likes, subscribers, and views for use to get revenue.”

Kookoo Crypto
feature kookoo metasports
Kookoo is First Creator Partner with MetaSports

Kookoo also emphasized that being a web3 content creator is a highly responsible position, as any information disseminated can have a significant impact on real-world assets that the community owns.

“Every creator has its own community, and that community is the one that will benefit from the information you provide based on the projects that you endorse and your partner projects. My partnership with MetaSports is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Kookoo Crypto
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Kookoo then revealed that while he had received offers from other entities, he chose to work with Metasports as it assists him with due diligence, which makes his content creation efforts easier.

Kookoo’s Collaboration with

In May, Kookoo also collaborated with the local cryptocurrency exchange and e-wallet to support $RON validator nodes.

The collaboration would enable users to buy, sell, and delegate $RON tokens, while also earning rewards for participating in blockchain validation. In doing so, participants will also be educated about the process of joining and earning through crypto staking.

The partnership also includes plans to release informative content about blockchain technology and the crypto industry.

Kookoo expressed his gratitude to, particularly to its CEO Wei Zhou, for their trust in him for the collaboration:

“The amount of resources that were put there is no joke, nor is the effort that was given to become a validator. Being a validator and not just a content creator, you are really like one of the foundations of a network.”

Kookoo Crypto

Kookoo also emphasized that, as a validator, it is one’s responsibility to provide the community with excellent opportunities and to prepare them for those opportunities within the ecosystem. Citing that the Philippines has one of the largest numbers of players and the largest market for Axie Infinity, they wanted to take advantage of this and seize ‌opportunities for the community, as well as give back to the Ronin network.

Who is Kookoo Crypto TV?

Kookoo Crypto TV started as one of the first and most popular content creators in the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity. He is one of the managers of the gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG). Before the game became very popular, Kookoo was creating how-to videos and other tutorials to allow newbies to get started in playing Axie Infinity.

Thereafter, his life story was featured by video content creator Nas Daily, who at that time announced their partnership with the content creator.

He also appeared as a guest on the BitPinas Webcast Episode 05 in January 2022, where he emphasized that the player community should choose carefully the content creators they follow and make sure that those they do follow will help them grow.

He has also spoken at various web3 events, such as the Philippine Web3 Festival, where he emphasized the importance of Web3 communities. He advised conducting research on community founders and products before investing, and stressed the importance of joining communities that foster open discussion without the fear of being ”canceled.”

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