Blockchain Game Alliance Launches 3rd Annual Survey for Web3 and Game Professionals

The Blockchain Game Alliance launches its 3rd Annual Survey focusing on Web3 and gaming industry insights.

Blockchain Game Alliance Launches 3rd Annual Suvey for Web3 and Game Professionals (1)
  • The Blockchain Game Alliance has initiated its third annual industry survey, aiming to capture insights from a wide spectrum of blockchain gaming professionals.
  • The survey, open from August 23 to September 29, 2023, seeks to portray the current state, advancements, and trajectory of the blockchain gaming industry.
  • Collected responses will be used to compile the ”2023 State of the Industry Report by the Blockchain Game Alliance,” set to be released in mid-December.

The Blockchain Game Alliance’s (BGA’s) third annual industry survey is now open for responses, the organization announced. The survey aims to assess the personal perspectives of industry professionals on the state of blockchain gaming.

Access the survey here:

BGA Survey

To capture a yearly snapshot of the blockchain gaming industry’s condition, advancements, and trajectory, the survey will be open for five weeks, from August 23 to September 29, 2023.

The findings from the survey will be compiled in the “2023 State of the Industry Report by the Blockchain Game Alliance,” which will be published in mid-December.

 In a statement, the BGA announced that it is inviting a wide range of industry professionals to participate in the survey, aiming to gather a variety of viewpoints through their thoughts and opinions.

These include founders, developers, publishers, venture capitalists, legal, financial, and marketing professionals, journalists, content creators, and esports players. Those currently working or transitioning in blockchain gaming, as well as esports players with competitive affiliations or financial support, are also being invited to respond.

Moreover, the organization stated that renaming this year’s resulting report aims to more accurately reflect the broad and inclusive nature of the survey, which invites responses from all blockchain gaming professionals, not just BGA members.

“Each year, the report serves as a valuable resource for the industry as well as investors, the media, researchers, educators, policymakers, regulators, and government leaders, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry’s current status with critical insights into the health and potential growth of the industry, its emerging trends, and potential areas of risk,” the alliance stated.

Recent BGA Report

Last year, the annual survey revealed that “gameplay improvements” were identified as the primary driver for the adoption of blockchain games in the future. Among the respondents, 35.7% highlighted gameplay enhancements as the industry’s top priority for the coming year.

In addition, the report also revealed that while digital asset ownership remains a significant aspect, it did not become the primary driver for adoption in 2022 due to price drops of game-related tokens, resulting in the play-to-earn concept taking precedence. The entry of traditional gaming studios into the web3 space and improvements in player onboarding are also considered important factors for industry growth.

Despite challenges, professionals surveyed remain optimistic about the future of blockchain gaming, with a focus on enhancing user experience and accessibility.

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What is the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA)?

Unleashing the Power of Play: A Whirlwind Recap of June's BGA Marvels

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is an industry organization founded in 2018 to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in games. It has over 600 members, including major games and studios, guilds, blockchain protocols, venture capital, service organizations, crypto exchanges, and individuals.

The alliance noted that the annual report provides valuable insights into the dynamically evolving blockchain gaming sector. The data gathered helps the BGA align its initiatives with industry demands. The BGA has employed the services of Emfarsis, a web3 advisory firm, to conduct the survey, evaluate the insights collected, and compile the comprehensive report.

Last July, Leah Callon-Butler, director of Emfarsis and prominent #CryptoPH figure, was elected to the board of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). Her mission is to enhance the organization’s communication strategies.

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