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Emfarsis Director Leah Callon-Butler Secures Seat at Blockchain Game Alliance Board

Photo for the Article - Emfarsis Director Leah Callon-Butler Secures Seat at Blockchain Game Alliance Board

Featured photo: Leah Callon Butler moderating at Consensus 2022 presented by CoinDesk, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, USA – 10 Jun 2022. Photo credit: Coinbase / Photo by Dylan Johnson

Updated on July 24, 2023 at 2:51 pm with comments from Miko Matsumura, Managing Director at gumi Cryptos.

  • Leah Callon-Butler, director of Emfarsis and prominent #CryptoPH figure, has been elected to the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) board, with a mission to enhance the organization’s communication strategies.
  • The BGA and industry leaders are optimistic about the fresh perspectives and ideas the new board members will bring. Leah, known for championing blockchain adoption and expertise in messaging and communications, has received high praise from industry leaders for her commitment to the field.
  • Amid renewed interest in blockchain gaming, Leah’s election, along with the new members of the board, comes at a crucial time. She calls for a unified voice in the industry and is expected to make significant contributions to blockchain’s potential in the gaming landscape.

Leah Callon-Butler, director of consulting firm Emfarsis, Coindesk columnist, and #CryptoPH champion, has recently secured a seat at the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) board, the major association that promotes awareness and adoption of blockchain within the video game industry and beyond. 

Leah shared her thoughts prior to her appointment, “Many of the challenges described by members of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) are communication challenges. Onboarding, education, dealing with regulators, etc. This is my sweet spot.”

Statement from the Blockchain Game Alliance

In a statement, the BGA expressed high hopes for the newly elected board, which included Leah. Among the new board members are Yasmina Kazitani of Interverse, Christina Macedo of, Hideaki Uehara of Square Enix, Mariano Rubinstein at Sura Gaming, and Alex Kosloff of Altura.

Flavien Defraire
Flavien Defraire, Director of Global Development at Blockchain Game Alliance
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“We hope that they will bring diverse perspectives, fresh ideas, and valuable experiences that will invigorate our organization and help propel us towards greater success,” Flavien Defraire, Director of Global Development at BGA said.

Leah was instrumental in introducing millions of people to web3 and blockchain games through the documentary – Play to Earn – which she narrated and was directed by Emfarsis.

As a Coindesk columnist, Leah opined columns highlighting often overlooked stories of blockchain adoption especially in countries like the Philippines. One of the articles highlighted how FIlipinos are earning through blockchain games in the middle of the pandemic.

Leah is also bringing into the board her wealth of experience from prior consulting work in crypto public policy and regulation. The Emfarsis director was also instrumental in shaping V20 Summit, an annual gathering of government officials and blockchain industry professionals for crypto regulation discussions.

Emfarsis collaborated with the Blockchain Game Alliance to produce the annual BGA Report, which detailed the state of the blockchain gaming industry. In a video message prior to her election, Leah said the report was instrumental in her decision to run for a seat in the BGA board.

Responses from the Industry

Leah Callon-Butler and Gabby Dizon
Leah Callon-Butler (Emfarsis) and Gabby Dizon (YGG) at YGG Web3 Community Summit

Responses regarding Leah’s election to the Blockchain Gaming Alliance have been very positive. Gabby Dizon, Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games, said Leah’s election will help in spreading awareness of true digital ownership. Gabby is a founding board member of the BGA and will now be honorary member of the organization.

“I’m very happy to see Leah take on a leadership position at the Blockchain Game Alliance. Her knowledge of Web3 gaming and passion for helping the industry will greatly help in promoting the benefits of true digital ownership to a greater audience. The BGA is in good hands with Leah and the rest of the newly elected board.“

Miko Matsumura, Managing Partner at gumi Cryptos said:

“Leah is a well-connected and visionary thought-leader in the web3 gaming space since her creation of the “Play to Earn Gaming” documentary based in the Philippines. I’m excited to see her win a seat on the Blockchain Game Alliance where she can strengthen the industry with her unique experience, perspective and voice. She is uniquely well-suited to connect Asia and Western nations as well as provide a strong female perspective needed to ensure the widest adoption of both blockchain technology and mass adoption through gaming.“

Photo for the Article - Emfarsis Director Leah Callon-Butler Secures Seat at Blockchain Game Alliance Board
Kalie Moore, Founder of High Vibe PR

Sheraz Ashiq, Web3 Director at animation firm AMGI studios which developed the highly anticipated My Pet Hooligan game, also applauded Leah’s election. 

“Congratulations to Leah on her election to the Blockchain Gaming Alliance! Her expertise in Web3 innovation and blockchain’s potential to empower entertainment companies and brands will be a valuable asset. With Leah on board, I’m confident the Alliance will thrive and revolutionize the gaming landscape for players and developers alike.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Kalie Moore, founder of boutique communications firm High Vibe PR, which counts Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis as a client, said, “Leah has been instrumental in spreading awareness and supporting the adoption of blockchain technology through games… I can’t wait to see what the organization does in the next year with Leah on the BGA Board.”

Photo for the Article - Emfarsis Director Leah Callon-Butler Secures Seat at Blockchain Game Alliance Board
Kat Gonzalez, Head of Operations at YGG Pilipinas

Kat Gonzales, Head of Operations at YGG Pilipinas, remarked, “Leah will certainly contribute much to our industry given her extensive work with web3 games, guilds, and more. I eagerly look forward to the innovations and breakthroughs she will bring to this exciting new challenge.”

Kookoo Crypto, web3 community manager and entrepreneur, added, “Leah’s impact in promoting blockchain gaming has been remarkable. Her clear and cohesive communication skills, unwavering dedication, and efforts will surely help overcome industry challenges. Excited to see it progress with Leah on the BGA Board!”

Navigating the Future of Blockchain Games

Leah Callon-Butler (rightmost) moderating a discussion that include Kookoo Crypto (2nd from left) as panelist at Axie Cabanatuan event.
Leah Callon-Butler (rightmost) moderating a discussion that include Kookoo Crypto (2nd from left) as panelist at Axie Cabanatuan event.

Leah’s election along with the new members of the board, comes at a time when blockchain gaming interest is seeing a resurgence. After peaking in 2021, the narrative fell along with the values of tokens associated with blockchain games.

The new BGA board director recognized this shift. In a video message before her election, Leah noted how the BGA was able to take blockchain gaming “from an obscure use case to one of the most compelling applications we’ve ever seen for the technology.”

BGA Election - Leah Callon-Butler

Still, Leah noted the industry’s struggles, from onboarding and education to spending time convincing gamers that blockchain is not harmful to the environment.

The turning point in Leah’s decision to run for the board came when she helped create the BGA report. In summary, the majority of the gaming professionals surveyed by the report think gameplay will be the key to drive adoption, and not play-to-earn. 

(Read more: Gameplay, Not Play-to-Earn Mechanics, Will Drive Blockchain Gaming Adoption in 2023: Report)

“I’ve read all the comments, all the stories, all the anecdotes, and that’s given me insight into the psyche of these tirelessly passionate founders that are building the industry from the ground up,” Leah expressed, before continuing:

“Going forward, we need to come together and speak with a unified voice if we want to deliver strong, consistent, impactful messaging about who we are and what we stand for. This communications effort is something that I believe I’m well positioned to support as we move into the next chapter of BGA’s growth.”

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