Airdrop Fiesta Launched

The company announced that the details of the airdrop mechanics for these projects will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

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Local cryptocurrency exchange revealed its Airdrop Fiesta promotion. This exclusive airdrop will begin with 500 winners and participants winning a share of a $2,000 prize pool by trading the cryptocurrency Coreum. 

Airdrop Fiesta noted that to qualify for the drop, users must trade Coreum and be in the top 500 trading volumes from the promo period. The Trade-to-Airdrop is scheduled from January 25 until January 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM Manila Time.

The program is open to users aged 18 or older with a Level 2 Verified Account. The firm noted that this is limited to users in the Philippines. 

Moreover, the trading volume on both Coins Convert and/or Coins Pro will be considered, with no minimum volume requirement. 


According to the firm, airdrop winners will receive their rewards by February 14, 2024. The prizes will be sent to the winners’ wallets; the firm noted that the rewards are non-transferable.

RankReward per User

Coreum in Coins

Coreum was added into supported tokens last January 19. Its addition increased the number of tokens in the platform to 64, encompassing 15 different blockchain networks. 

Coreum is accessible on both its primary blockchain and the Ripple blockchain; however, only allows deposits for Ripple’s Coreum.

Coreum is a layer-1 blockchain built on CosmosSDK, designed for enterprise-grade applications with rapid transactional speed and Smart Tokens adhering to ISO 20022 standards. 

Airdrop Lineup

Apart from Coreum, also announced the other participating projects in the Airdrop Fiesta where users can win tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The company announced that the details of the airdrop mechanics for these projects will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, with one token being featured each week.


fanC (FANC) is a reward-based blockchain project designed for creators and users on the short-form content platform CELEBe. It’s goal is to rejuvenate the short-form content platform, enabling easy content creation, feed updates, and rewards through engaging activities on the platform in the form of fanC (FANC), which is an ERC20 token. 

Mirai Labs

Mirai Labs is the developer behind the NFT game Pegaxy, founded in 2021. The studio specializes in web3 game development.


Splinterlands blockchain-powered online collectible card game utilizing NFTs. The game offers a fast-paced experience, allowing players to collect, trade, and battle cards with diverse rarities, stats, and elements. Earning rewards is possible through game features such as tournaments, ranked play, and quests.

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TownStory is a community-driven world-building game that blends pixel art with adventure. Players have the opportunity to craft their own stories, construct towns, and collaborate with neighbors to explore uncharted lands while undertaking quests.


Genopets is a free-to-play game where players create and nurture personalized digital pets using NFTs. By converting steps, energy, and NFTs into both real-world and in-game currency, players can earn rewards. The game is built on the Solana engine and revolves around summoning Genopets, tracking steps, and interacting with a community of players. 

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