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Maya Crypto Users Express Frustration Over Transaction Delays

Photo for the Article - Maya Crypto Users Express Frustration Over Transaction Delays
  • Users of the Maya e-wallet and cryptocurrency platform have been experiencing delays in various transactions within the app, including purchasing, selling, and transferring cryptocurrencies. 
  • Maya responded by acknowledging the recent delays in crypto transactions and assuring users that each case is receiving their full attention. 
  • Maya emphasized that as a BSP-licensed Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), they prioritize the safety and security of their crypto services. They expressed appreciation for their customers’ patience and trust as they work to resolve the reported issues.

A number of users of the e-wallet and cryptocurrency platform Maya have been complaining about delays in transactions within the app, including purchasing, selling, and transferring crypto. Accordingly, BitPinas reached out to Maya for their response regarding the said issue. 

Maya has provided a response to BitPinas.

User Complaints

First User: ADA From Maya to Binance

Last month, a Maya user reached out to BitPinas regarding the delay in their transaction with the platform which took 12 days before it got resolved.

The user claims to have sent ADA cryptocurrency from their Maya wallet to their Binance wallet on September 2nd. After confirming the transaction, the ADA tokens were deducted from their Maya wallet, but the amount has not yet appeared in their Binance wallet, even after more than a week.

Photo for the Article - Maya Crypto Users Express Frustration Over Transaction Delays
Photo for the Article - Maya Crypto Users Express Frustration Over Transaction Delays

Upon receiving the message, BitPinas contacted Maya to forward the user’s concerns.

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The user also sent his complaints to the Maya customer service as well as to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), then on September 14th Maya replied to the user noting that the issue was resolved— 12 days after the transaction was made and after the user raised the issue with the BSP.

Second User: XLM From to Maya

Previously, on September 10th, a different Maya user reached out to BitPinas with a related issue. In this recent case, the user sent cryptocurrency from to Maya. As per the user, even after 10 days, the XLM token transfer remained unresolved on Maya’s platform.

The user confirmed that the transaction was tagged as success on but Maya says otherwise. They stated that the address at memo number of their transferred XLM were correct.

“I already reached out to them via email and their hotline. Na escalate na nga po to nakausap ko na yung manager nila sabi check ko from time to time pero 5 days na nakalipas wala pa ung XLM sa maya crypto account ko,” the user stated. 

As of September 26, the user stated that they still haven’t received their crypto on Maya— the transaction was made on August 29th. BitPinas has not received an update yet regarding this concern. 

Third User: SOL Transaction Took 4 Days to Complete

A member of the BitPinas Telegram group expressed shock upon learning that a transaction in Maya takes at least 12 hours to process, and that the said transaction actually took 4 days to complete.

Photo for the Article - Maya Crypto Users Express Frustration Over Transaction Delays
Photo for the Article - Maya Crypto Users Express Frustration Over Transaction Delays

Maya Response

Nick Wilwayco, Head for Public Affairs and Communications, told BitPinas that the firm is aware of recent delays in crypto transactions and is working to resolve them. 

“We are aware of the recent concerns raised by a small number of users about delays in crypto transactions via the Maya app. Each case is receiving our full attention. For a swift resolution, we encourage our users to connect with our customer support team and provide pertinent details,”

Nick Wilwayco, Head of Public Affairs and Communications, Maya

Wilwayco noted that Maya being a BSP-licensed Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), it “assure our customers of the safety and security of our crypto services.”

As a BSP-licensed Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), we assure our customers of the safety and security of our crypto services. We appreciate the patience and trust of our valued customers.

Nick Wilwayco, Head of Public Affairs and Communications, Maya

As noted earlier, except for one user from whom BitPinas is still awaiting an update, the majority of the issues have been settled, according to confirmations received by BitPinas from the users.

Recent Maya News

In August, the firm soft-launched an in-app feature called “Maya Mutual Funds,” allowing users to invest with a minimum of ₱50. This feature is currently available to a limited number of users with upgraded Maya accounts and the latest app version, offering investment options in 13 prominent companies, including Google, Apple, and Tesla. 

In June, Maya introduced the feature that enables users to send and receive various cryptocurrencies. This enhancement follows Maya’s collaboration with Coinbase Institutional in April 2022, allowing the platform to offer direct cryptocurrency buying and selling services to its 50 million users, accounting for almost half of the country’s population. 

Recent Local Crypto Platform News

Recently, expressed its displeasure over the way GCash compared its promo rates to the usual rates of the licensed exchange. Coins has stated that it is prepared to match or even exceed GCrypto’s October Promo rates for price conversion.

These remarks followed GCash and its in-app crypto platform GCrypto move to include  a series of screenshots with a price comparison for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin as well as Polygon’s MATIC, between GCrypto and other local exchanges Maya and in a marketing material.

This article is published on BitPinas: Maya Crypto Users Express Frustration Over Transaction Delays


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  1. Hello

    I am currently facing the same situation. A transaction that was made that transferred from a Trust Wallet to my Maya Crypto acount via USDT on the 20th of December, approximately around 2 AM to use on Christmas Day still haven’t cleared. Up until today, the status is still processing. I made a call to Customer Service, and did not have a clear answer to what was going on. Rather, CS promised me 3 days from the 23rd of December. Unfortunately, it’s the 28th now, and it’s still processing. Nor have I heard from the Maya Team. I can only imagine, the frustration of what others have felt during their transactions. Imagine, my frustration given the transaction I made in hope of using the funds for a wonderful holiday. I hope this can be forwarded to the proper channels and somehow find it’s way to Maya and their Crypto Management Team. I respect the assurance or our safety, however, having so many platforms in the Crypto Space, before launching such and making it available, as big of a financial institution Maya is in the PHILIPPINES, I would assume safety was the main priority without delaying the services. After all, these are assets that people have worked for and acquired. Assuring safety to why it takes a long time to process is not an excuse. I have never experienced this on any platform. First time I have ever sent to Maya Crypto, First time ever experiencing not just a simple delay, but we’re talking days to weeks. According to what I hve read, one of the reports occured on October. 3 months later, it doesn’t look as if it’s being resolved.

    1. Hi. I have the same issue. My crypto was sent to maya crypto last feb 19 2024 and until now i have not received it yet. I already escalated it to bsp and maya customer service always making excuses and extending their response. They said they keep on tracking the ticket but still it wont help to resolve the issue. I dont know where to escalate.

  2. Hello

    I hope someone can help me. I recently dropped a comment on here on the 28th of December. Related to this article. Which at the time of me responding to this article, gave me a better perspective and a bit at ease about the current experience I was having with Crypto Maya. However, today it has reached the mark of a very frustrating situation. As mention, BTC was transferred to my Maya Crypto USDT on the 20th of December. Without goibg into further details. Until today, it’s still pending. Which Marks the 16th day since it has cleared. I have contacted and followed up my concern several times since. Which by the way, I have to pay for these calls as the Toll Free doesn’t work nor the Smart direct call. Which means I have to spend hundred more everytime I have to call. In return as a result, they don’t even call back after I ask them to return my call in case we get dropped because I’m being charge for the call. Every follow up, results to the same answer. As per agent level, they have raised the matter to the higher department. Whatever that means. Thus, I am hoping this can get some kind of attention and possibly find a way to help not just myself but others whom may be experiencing the same thing.

  3. Same here. Transferred XLM from one exchange to Maya on Dec 17, 2003. Maya wallet received but the status on the app is Rejected. Few emails (very unresponsive) and a lot of calls in which they never get back to me even once. Asked me to screenshot my transaction history twice and told me they will check with their backend thrice. Until now January 6th, my transaction still Rejected status. Already planned to file a complaint to BSP come Monday.

    1. I have the same problem as you my XLM is marked as Received but with the status of Reject.
      Did you get your XLM, or is it still unresolved?

    2. Hi! What happened to ur case? Have u receive ur money? I have same case with u like to ask some help

      1. Still not resolved. The CS just told me theyre just waiting a respond from “notabene” and they cant do anything about it as they dont have any control.

  4. Im also waiting for paument to my wallet after a crypto sale.
    So far its be just over 24 hours,
    Im not sure if i will continue using Maya for crypto any more.

  5. For my case, it has been 8 days since I initiated a SOL transfer from my Maya wallet to my non-custodial Solana wallet but status is still processing. I actually like Maya and have already made several transfers without any issues, except for this one. Unfortunately, it is also my biggest value transaction so far (6 digits in Peso). I have called and followed up almost daily and have sent several emails. However their response is not re-assuring as they don’t have any clear explanation why it happened or when it will be resolved. I just hope it gets resolved soon.

  6. Is there anyone who had resolved their transfer of crypto from maya wallet to private wallet, any advise to received our money?

  7. Update fro a previous msg.

    i sold crpto on maya on 24th january 2024, its now 6th February and stil no payment recieved

    Spoke on maya chat for help they was abso no help whatsoever,
    Emailed them 3 times and yet still no reply.

    How can i escalate this issue as maya stealing money is a liberty and they should be removed from being able to sell crypto at the very least

  8. Update on this. My case was resolved Feb 2. A little over 2 weeks from when it started. I raised a complaint on Jan 29 on the site using the BOB chat. I was pleasantly surprised that it was immediately received by Maya the next day. Since it was already raised to the BSP, the complaint was handed over to a different group under the MAYA team. Not sure if this is the reason why it was resolved 4 days after but I’m sure it brought eyes to MAYA since it was already an official complaint under BSP. Visit the site and raise a complaint there as is your right to do so.

  9. I have the same issue, ive been transferring crypto from my Exodus wallet to my Maya wallet. Until yesterday my LTC transfer did not get credited to my Maya wallet. What is goin on here Maya? This is so frustrating

  10. Same experience today, transferred 1,200+ Dogecoins from my Blockchain account to my Maya Dogecoin wallet address. Initiated the transfer around 6am May 10, 2024. Says on the Maya app, “Incoming DOGE transfers will be credited to your wallet after 3 confirmations.”, after more than a 100 confirmation as of this writing 2:45pm still hasn’t received it. Chatted with Maya agents via the app and was told “Please be informed that we have a standard monitoring for uncredited crypto transaction.” Dang! said 3 business day excluding weekends.

    Hopefully the crypto value doesn’t go down by the time it will be credited to my account as I will be using it to pay a bill.

  11. I also sent my crypto token to maya wallet just this morning till i came up to this page.I dont even knew that paymaya has an issues regarding crypto recieving and transferring. Why they dont release the tokens that was sent into their platforms.Then why are they putting crypto on the apps if it is not a smooth transactions for all small traders? We’re they scamming crypto traders? .

  12. i bought solana, its on my transact history but still nothing on my solana acc, its been day 2 since i brought it,

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