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Coin98 Super Wallet Preloaded in Aptos-Based JamboPhone

Photo for the Article - Coin98 Super Wallet Preloaded in Aptos-Based JamboPhone
  • Coin98 and Jambo collaborate to preload Coin98 Super Wallet onto every JamboPhone.
  • The partnership aims to empower Asian users to engage effortlessly with cryptocurrencies and dApps.
  • The JamboPhone, designed for emerging web3 markets, offers affordability and accessibility with the Coin98 Super Wallet pre-installed, enhancing accessibility and participation in the digital space.

To further boost and democratize web3 adoption in Asia, cryptocurrency exchange platform Coin98 and web3 company Jambo collaborated to preload the Coin98 Super Wallet onto every JamboPhone.

The firms noted that this strategic move empowers users across Asia to engage effortlessly with cryptocurrencies and decentralized apps (dApps), marking a significant milestone toward a more inclusive digital economy.

Coins98 and JamboPhone

According to the firms, the JamboPhone, designed for emerging web3 markets, includes the JamboApp and Jambo Ecosystem, providing access to the previously inaccessible digital economy. With the Coin98 Super Wallet pre-installed on each JamboPhone, users throughout Asia can effortlessly interact with web3 which will enhance accessibility and participation in the space, the companies said.

The media release noted how the Coin98 Super Wallet boasts compatibility with over 90 blockchains, while the JamboPhone, priced at just $99, offers affordability, accessibility, and global reach. 

Photo for the Article - Coin98 Super Wallet Preloaded in Aptos-Based JamboPhone

The Coin98 Super Wallet is noted to be compatible with over 90 blockchains while JamboPhone is only priced at $99 which makes it affordable and accessible and its global reach, strategically empowers individuals to participate in the global digital economy as never before.

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Thanh Le, co-founder of Coin98 Super Wallet developer Ninety Eight, expressed that they believe in the potential of Web3 technologies to drive global financial inclusion. 

“By partnering with Jambo, we are driving the adoption of these technologies in underserved markets where access to traditional financial services may be limited,” Le stated.

Moreover, James Zhang, Co-founder of Jambo, stated that the phone is “not just a product, it’s a movement towards financial freedom for emerging markets.”

“We believe talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not,” Zhang added.


The JamboPhone, a blockchain smartphone, targets users in emerging economies, primarily Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. 

It operates on Android 132, powered by a 4,900 mAh battery and a 6.5-inch LCD. It features a dual-lens camera and dual SIM capabilities. 

Its developers highlighted that the JamboPhone acts as a portal to web3; aside from Coin98 Super Wallet, the phone also incorporated the Aptos network through pre-installed apps like the Aptos-compatible wallet Petra.

Moreover, the Jambo App functions as an educational resource, providing users with insights into the features and benefits of Web3 markets.

This JamboPhone is not the first web3 mobile phone released in the market. Last month, 

Solana Mobile, the developer of Solana-focused Android phones, announced that pre-orders for the mobile phone’s second chapter have surged to 60,000. The pre-order phase began on January 16, 2024, and is divided into three stages: the Founder Window, which is currently ongoing, followed by the Early Adopter Window and the Supporter Window. Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of Solana Labs, is known for developing the Mobile Stack software, enabling Android phone users to access web3 apps, and Saga, its flagship mobile phone product.

Other Coin98 News

In November last year, Coin98-backed blockchain platform TomoChain has undergone a strategic rebranding, unveiling its new identity as Viction along with its “Victory Vision.” The rebranding was noted to signify a milestone in aligning blockchain with human values, prioritizing accessibility and safety in web3. The native token, TOMO, is now VIC, with no changes to technical aspects or tokenomics.

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