Esports Agency Tier One Hosts Nexus Fan Fair 2023

Tier One Entertainment spearheads Nexus Fan Fair during Philippine Blockchain Week, aiming to introduce Filipino gamers to web3 technology.

Esports Agency Tier One Hosts Nexus Fan Fair 2023
  • Tier One Entertainment, a gaming and esports company, is leading the Nexus Fan Fair as part of the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023, with hopes of sparking interest in web3 gaming among Filipino gamers.
  • Tryke Gutierrez, CEO and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment, aims to bridge web2-native gamers into the web3 space. 
  • Tyrone Bretana, Head of Alliance at Tier One, recognizes the massive gaming community in the Philippines and sees the integration of web3 technology as a way to empower gamers by allowing them to own in-game assets and potentially earn from them.

Tier One Entertainment, a gaming and esports company, will be spearheading the first-ever Nexus Fan Fair for the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW). Its executives, Tryke Gutierrez and Tyrone Bretana, expressed their hope that the fan fair would kick-start the interest of Filipino gamers in web3 gaming.

Tier One on Web3 Adoption

During the press conference for the PBW 2023 at Marriott Hotel last September 7, Tryke Gutierrez, the CEO and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment, expressed that they look forward to bringing in web2 native Filipinos and gamers into the web3 space.

Gutierrez stated that when Tier One was founded, it aimed to change the perception of gamers in the country. He added that now that gaming has become a major industry in the country, the company also aims to change the perspective of gamers on web3.

Consequently, he noted that they will not be able to do it alone and that they will need the help of many companies and people to achieve their goal.

“On our side, given that we are coming from the web2 or the real world, it’s a testament that we’re here and we believe in this technology. For the Nexus Fan Fair, I think it’s more of just really cementing the fact that we believe in the project and we believe in the people that are here today.”

Tryke Gutierrez, Co-Founder, Tier One Entertainment

Gutierrez also noted that, as Nexus Fan Fair is located just one floor below the web3-focused activities, he hopes that their attendees will also visit the web3 event.

Web3 in Gaming

Tyrone Bretana, Head of Alliance at Tier One, highlighted the immense popularity of gaming in the Philippines, emphasizing its substantial and dedicated fan base. He believes that incorporating web3 into gaming will help more people embrace the emerging technology.

“As for the involvement of gaming, we’re still in the early stages of iteration. Web3 games are not necessarily the play-to-earn games that had negative reputations in the past. We’re still in the very early stages and we’re already finding major game developers.”

Tyrone Bretana

Bretana shared that web3 technology allows gamers to own the assets they acquire in the games they play which is significant development for gamers, as it gives them more control over their in-game items and allows them to potentially earn money from them.

“For you to own an item in a game and to call it yours and no one else have that; that means a lot for a gamer because now you have a real property, something to say that this is mine and no one else in the world has it. More than that, it’s just the natural development of things,” he affirmed.

Bretana added that though Tier One is still “not yet close to being fully web3”, the firm assures that it is moving forward to that goal. 

What is the Nexus Fan Fair?

The inaugural Nexus Fan Fair will be on September 19 to 21 at the MGBX Convention Hall in Newport World Resorts. The event promises to delight pop culture enthusiasts with a celebration of gaming, technology, entertainment, music, and much more.

The fair will feature an Expo area with merchant booths offering a variety of games, merchandise, and collectibles, as well as cosplayers in their finest costumes. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with top-tier talents, including the esports team Blacklist International, renowned streamers, and content creators. 

Moreover, ticket holders can also participate in exclusive giveaways and collectibles, and there will be engaging talks and panel discussions with artists, influencers, and celebrities, with opportunities for Meet & Greets.

In addition, K-Pop fans can also witness the Southeast Asian debut performance of the TripleS sub-unit EVOLlution. 

Nexus Fan Fair is organized by Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 and supported by Platinum Sponsors Smart Communications and Philippine Airlines, as well as Gold Sponsors Metafarms and TierOne Entertainment, among others.

General admission tickets for the three-day event start at ₱385. Separate tickets are available for the LOVElution concert, which also has limited meet-and-greet slots.

Past Web3 Endeavor of Tier One

In the previous year, the company launchedAlliance,” its incubator program for web3 content creators. The company stated that it will curate a list of web3 content creators and train them to become opinion leaders in the blockchain and crypto industry, with future plans to take the program globally.

Prior to this, in August 2022, Tier One expressed its desire to create the web3 platform Alliance program to achieve three goals: build a web3 influencer community, conduct Web2 gaming tournaments for guilds, and become a launchpad for games.

Moreover, the firm also conducted surveys in June 2022 to understand the web3 space and engage its community. The surveys covered topics such as familiarity with blockchain and cryptocurrency, play-to-earn, NFT ownership motivations, future event preferences, reasons for choosing web3 over web2, challenges in monetization and user engagement, working with guilds, security audits, blockchain preferences, and long-term project sustainability.

Also, during the Day 3 of the Philippine Web3 Festival last year, Gutierrez and Blacklist pro Mobile Legends players Vee and Wise were part of the Panel Discussion “The Driving Force Of Content Creators.”

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