Esports Touchstone Tier One To Launch Web3 Platform

Tier One Entertainment is planning to bring its content and talent expertise into web3.

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Southeast Asia’s esports & gaming touchstone, Tier One Entertainment says it’s positioned to take advantage of its massive traffic, reach, and marketing machinery as it prepares for its foray into web3.

Tier One’s VP of Crypto Adam Vinluan said the first thing the talent company did was to do due diligence and understand the space first, and then proceed to find out what gap they can fill. 

“The thought process was with all the IPS that we have and the marketing machinery that we’ve created, we’re positioned to utilize the tools that are developing now in web3 to provide more value to our community and our brand,” Vinluan said.

Tier One Entertainment is a gaming and esports entertainment company with more than 100 million followers across its brands, content creators, gaming talents, and influencers. Its key investors include Gobi Partners, Warner Music Group, and Bitkraft, the latter of which have, as of late, also invested in web3 companies like Yield Guild Games.

Some of Tier One’s plans according to Vinluan are the following:

  • Alliance program to build a web3 influencer community
  • Web2 gaming tournaments for guilds
  • A launchpad for games

“The main value we think we will bring in Web3 is our ability to generate and bring traffic through viewership and customer conversion,” Vinluan said further.

In an interview with Yield Guild Games, Vinluan and Tier One co-founder Tryke Gutierrez expounded on Tier One’s crypto strategy.

“Tier One’s crypto strategy is very much agnostic… [We] believe on that technology regardless of price point. Regardless of whether it’s bear market right now. We believe that when the investment climate gets better, we would be on the forefront of helping support all these crypto projects,” he said.

Gutierrez also expounded on the program. 

“We plan to put up a platform called “Alliance” which is going to be a developmental program for multiple KOLs (key opinion leaders) and influencers in the web3 space, because that’s what Tier One does best.”

Last June, the company distributed two web3 surveys, the first one is asking the community for their insights on crypto, play-to-earn, and NFTs.

Specific asks include whether they have owned NFTs and crypto before, and their reasons for owning one. The survey also asked if they enjoy play-to-earn gaming and finally, the kinds of events they wish to participate in the future.

“Position is key in anything and thus being able to meet people native in the space is our priority for now in order to give us a comprehensive understanding of the whole space,” Gutierrez said. “I’m super excited to further explore it but with thousands of communities behind us, we have to make sure that we do the proper due diligence to fully see the landscape first before we rally everyone into a certain direction.”

The second survey is a developer Q and A asking web3 professionals about the challenges they face in terms of monetizing and user engagement. 

“We want to understand the point of view of successful and aspiring developers by getting their perspective on the following: Motivation on creating a project in Web3, challenges and priorities for a successful launch, and strategies to provide sustainability to the project/game, so that we can identify the synergies we can create with new and existing Web3 projects,” said Chezka Gonzales, Tier One’s Web3 Business Lead.

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