Pixels Hits 170K DAU Pre-Airdrop, Urges Caution on Phishing

Pixels, the web3 game, reaches 170,000 DAUs. CEO Luke Barwikowski warns of phishing threats in the next few days and weeks.

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  • Pixels, the web3 game, achieved 170,000 daily active users (DAUs).
  • Pixels CEO Luke Barwikowski issued a warning to the community about potential phishing threats during the ongoing airdrop.
  • Pixels initiated its Play-to-Airdrop program on January 5 where participation is solely based on engaging with the game.

Prior to its airdrop event, web3 game Pixels reached 170,000 daily active users (DAU) even before the game released its airdrop. However, following this milestone, the Pixels team warned their community of phishing attempts in line with the airdrop.

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170k DAUs

Sky Mavis co-founder Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin announced that Pixels has reached 170,000 DAUs on its platform.

DAU refers to the number of unique users or addresses that interact with a cryptocurrency, blockchain platform, or related service within a 24-hour period. 

In November, Zirlin visited the Philippines for the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Sumit (YGG W3GS). At the event he highlighted that Pixels has experienced a significant surge since migrating to the Ronin Network, boasting a 2,500% increase in daily active users. 

Zirlin also emphasized that 82,000 Filipinos actively played Pixels in a single day, which dispels doubts about the user base. According to him, the success reinforces the Philippines’ position as a focal point for enthusiasm in the web3 gaming space.

Phishing Warning

To protect their community from schemers taking advantage of their ongoing airdrop, the team behind Pixels warned users about phishing links.

To ensure security, Pixels CEO Luke Barwikowski reminded their community to only click on links from the http://pixels.xyz domain, even if shared by official accounts. He also emphasized that users should avoid signing anything to claim an airdrop and refrain from opening suspicious emails.

The game’s Play-to-Airdrop program started on January 5, it enables anyone with a crypto wallet and internet access to participate and earn free crypto. In contrast to traditional methods, users need not join alpha groups or obtain whitelist codes but simply engage with the game. 

The launch of theP2A 2.0 campaign aims to express gratitude and welcome new users to the Pixels Universe, in anticipation of the upcoming token generation event (TGE) for $PIXEL.

What is Pixels?

Pixels is a free-to-play, open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on the web3 blockchain. The game features farming, cooking, trading, and land ownership. 

The game is currently in beta. In September, Pixels migrated to Ronin in order to access the game developer’s resources.

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