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Find out more information and career opportunities at Traxion, a blockchain company in the Philippines.


Company Profile:

TraXion creates customized, white-labelled solutions for business, governments, and organizations transitioning to blockchain technology. It is TraXion’s mission to be the agent that will help integrate blockchain in both for-profit and non-profit organizations’ systems, specifically tailor-fit to their model and needs for development.

Through Hyperledger Fabric, we are operating on a permission-based blockchain where entities will become fully interoperable, and transact without needing to trust one another. This will ease the shift to a distributed network that eradicates the complexities present in current infrastructures, and will serve as an avenue to reap the benefits of transparency, security, accountability, efficiency, and better compliance with regulations.

Ultimately, TraXion is building a blockchain ecosystem of organizations that the people at the bottom of the pyramid trusts.


Name Traxion
Product Unified blockchain solutions across different products/Bank in a wallet
Address 10th Floor Taipan Place
24th Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Philippines

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Careers at Traxion:

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