Announces Cryptocurrency Exchange – Coins Exchange (CX) unveils Coins Exchange (CX), the company’s cryptocurrency trading platform. Learn how you can join the private beta here.

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Coins Exchange (CX) Philippines

If you have been using Bittrex or Binance, there’s a big chance that you will get familiar easily with CX (Coins Exchange). CX beta currently has a clean black interface with the PHP/COIN chart in the middle.

And we think that’s probably the best thing with CX – all prices are stated in PHP.

What are the Cryptocurrencies available?

Currently, we can see that it is offering the following exchanges:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) to PHP Exchange
  • Litecoin (LTC) to PHP Exchange
  • Ripple (XRP) to PHP Exchange
  • Ethereum (ETH) to PHP Exchange

What’s the advantage of using a cryptocurrency exchange over the good old app?

If you use CX, similar to Binance, Bitrex, etc, you can set your own price for the bitcoin you own and vice versa.

Next, you don’t need to trade your bitcoins just to buy ether or XRP from a foreign exchange. You can do it on CX with your PHP. We still don’t know a lot about CX yet, but we assume that at some point, it will also allow cross verification with Meaning, if you are already verified on Coins, then you are automatically verified on CX. We hope that will be the case in the future once CX goes public.

We’ll also write about the details of the platform once it goes live.

How can I register?

CX is not yet live but you can sign up on the waitlist by visiting the CX site here.

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