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5 Most Anticipated Blockchain NFT Games to Watch This May 2022

Thetan Arena! The Deysium! Anito Legends! Here are the blockchain games to watch out this May 2022.

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As the year approaches its halfway mark, it is time to look at which blockchain games are anticipated for the month of May. What are the updates for existing games and what games are launching this month? Let us find out together.

The following blockchain games are not endorsements but rather an unbiased list to prompt gamers and web3 gamers around the world. This is not financial advice.

Anito Legends

Anito Legends is a Filipino-led blockchain game where players can have Filipino mythological creatures as their heroes to defeat other creatures in tower battles.

Anito Legends is still in its beta testing phase, with the game currently available for Apple users.

(Read More Anito Legends on BitPinas.)

Heroes of Mavia

For fans of Clash of Clans, Mavia Game may be the game for you. Skrice Studio’s Mavia Game is a AAA game which is the first base-builder strategy game for web3. 

The Alliance feature will be operational this month. This will give gamers the option to create guilds with their friends.


Though StepN may be a lifestyle app, it can still be fun to earn while you walk around the neighborhood and add up a healthier body by walking or jogging everyday. StepN’s Public Beta Phase IV has commenced.

StepN announced, “As part of our user experience enhancement plan, we are doing an exclusive BNB Chain Sneaker Drop to our Solana Genesis Sneaker holders (#1-10,000) – each Solana Genesis Sneaker will receive a BNB Chain Shoebox (#20,001-30,000). These BNB Chain Sneakers are SOG (Solana Original Gangster) Sneakers, which are not Genesis Sneaker Grade and will not qualify for further Genesis Sneaker Perks. We will start the airdrop from 2:30PM UTC 3rd May (airdrop lasts 24 hours). Stay tuned for Part B.”

The Delysium

Another AAA game is on the list. The Delysium is a third person shooting game that is an open world where players can roam around the futuristic urban setting. The game just launched its pre-alpha testing last May 1. The tester is required to register online to be able to join the program.


Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena just held their “Rise of Helios” tournament with a prize pool at $10,000.00 BUSD. ZRLP won the Southeastern Asia tournament last May 2.

Thetan Arena has also launched new cosmetics for donut lovers. All players who join 6/7 days will earn 6 gTHG and 1 Free legendary cosmetics – Doubt spaceship.

For the month of May, many of the projects are continuously building even with or without the hype. While new games are rising up and new gameplays are introduced in the list, what does the future hold for blockchain gaming for the rest of 2022 and beyond?

This article is published on BitPinas: 5 Most Anticipated Blockchain NFT Games to Watch This May 2022

Disclaimer: BitPinas articles and its external content are not financial advice. The team serves to deliver independent, unbiased news to provide information for Philippine-crypto and beyond.

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