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GCash to Unveil Innovations at Upcoming FutureCast 2023

Neil Trinidad of GCash

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  • GCash, teases upcoming innovations at the March 30th event, GCash FutureCast: The Future of Fintech is Here, with potential updates on GCrypto, partnerships, and financial services.
  • GCrypto, currently available to select users, is set to be a major milestone for the Philippine crypto market, enabling millions of users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.
  • GCash’s strategy of collaboration with various partners, including PDAX for GCrypto and UNO Digital Bank for GSave, is also an indication that more partnerships may be announced at the FutureCast Summit

Philippine fintech platform GCash has teased 10 innovations in an upcoming event “GCash FutureCast: The Future of Fintech is Here.” Scheduled for March 30, the event is expected to be the company’s most significant and at least for this particular publication, of certain import.

GCrypto Speculations

After teasing GCrypto for much of the last two years, GCrypto appears to be nearing its public availability. At the time this article is written, GCrypto is only available to select users. 

And while there is an increasing number of people on social media who confirmed they finally have access to GCrypto, the most telling sign that GCash is ready is the numerous web3 partnerships that have already been announced, not by GCash but by those partners.

Just before this article is published, BitPinas has posted about the partnership between GCash and, the blue-chip platform where users can collect NFTs made by or in partnership with Philippine National Artists. 

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GCash is also the major sponsor of Art Fair Philippines and sponsor of several artist collectives who exhibited there, including the Crypto Art Philippines. 

GCash headlined the Art in the Park event, which BitPinas also reported. 

GCash and GCrypto 

With more than 77 million users, GCash offering crypto to all of its customers will be a significant milestone in the history of #CryptoPH after last year’s crypto offering of its competitor Maya. Virtually every smartphone in the country has either of these apps or both. 

Activating GCrypto effectively means everyone in the Philippines can finally buy and sell and trade crypto. Everyone.

And the e-wallet will most likely do it through partnerships. Speaking of partnerships, check out the following news: 

  • For its GCrypto, it partnered with PDAX.
  • For higher interest rates on its GSave, it partnered with UNO Digital Bank.
  • For stock trading, the last available report is that it is partnering with the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Last year, GCash President Martha Sazon famously declared that her firm, as a fintech app, always chooses to collab than to compete:

“We’re not a digital bank. We are an e-wallet. But what’s good about that is we’re able to partner with any bank and any financial institution.This is a conscious thought that we make because we know that financial inclusion is a complex, difficult journey. So, we choose to collaborate rather than compete.” 

Which could mean that while there will be major announcements during the event, the public could expect more partnerships to be announced or made official on Thursday’s GCash FutureCast Summit.

This article is published on BitPinas: GCash to Unveil Innovations at Upcoming Summit

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