How To Ride The Bull Market | ETH63 Meetup

Luis Buenaventura details what it takes usually to be a Bitcoin person versus someone who is into Ethereum.

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  • Luis Buenaventura, Head of GCrypto, emphasized the importance of understanding market narratives and promoting active participation within the crypto community during Ethereum Meetup Manila 2024.
  • Buenaventura discussed the significance of comprehending market trends, particularly in bullish markets.
  • He highlighted the contrast between Bitcoin and Ethereum investment strategies, underscoring the passive stance of Bitcoiners compared to the proactive engagement demanded by Ethereum enthusiasts.

Luis Buenaventura, the head of GCash crypto platform GCrypto, delivered a keynote speech during the recently concluded Ethereum Meetup Manila 2024 by ETH63 at the GCash Office in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Taguig. He stressed the importance of understanding market narratives and encouraging active participation and education within the cryptocurrency community. 

How to Ride a Bull Market

Buenaventura discussed the significance of comprehending market narratives, suggesting that even if one doesn’t use cryptocurrencies, being aware of market trends is crucial. 

He points out the recent surge in AI-related stocks following impressive performance by Nvidia, highlighting the ripple effect on AI tokens. He suggests that recognizing narratives allows individuals to make informed decisions, especially in bullish markets.

“Again markets are all about narratives,” Buenaventura stressed.

Moreover, he also discussed the contrast between the investment strategies of Bitcoin and Ethereum investors, underscoring the passive stance adopted by Bitcoiners in contrast to the proactive engagement demanded by Ethereum enthusiasts.

“The nature of Bitcoin is that it is meant to preserve your wealth. Therefore, what do you need to do? Nothing, just hold. Just don’t spend it. Just hold it and watch the number go up. That’s basically the Bitcoin strategy. However, if you want to be an ETH person, there are so many different things that you can do or technically need to do. You can stake, you can mint, you can swap, you can vote, you can play; in other words, you have to participate in the various Ethereum projects that are out there if you really want to extract value from the Ethereum ecosystem.”

Luis Buenaventura, Head, GCrypto

Consequently, Buenaventura emphasized the misconception that all cryptocurrencies are akin to stocks, highlighting the distinction that they serve as utilities, particularly Ethereum. He underscored the distinction between acquiring tokens and utilizing their utility, stressing the importance of understanding their significance. 

Further, he noted the importance of not buying cryptocurrencies at their all-time highs, as this often leads to disappointment when prices inevitably drop. Buenaventura suggested educating investors and those who are new to the space to buy before prices surge and to prevent them from experiencing losses due to buying at peak prices. 

Accordingly, he made a call for action within the cryptocurrency community to address this issue and prevent recurring cycles of disappointment caused by uninformed investment decisions.

“My main advice to a lot of people actually… maybe don’t buy it at all-time high prices… Instead of speculating on Ethereum. Try using them, right? This is what we can do as a community – educate people to participate and use the thing because that’s what it was designed for. You’re not just meant to buy it over.”

Luis Buenaventura, Head, GCrypto
Photo for the Article - How To Ride The Bull Market | ETH63 Meetup
Photo from Paolo Dioquino

Ethereum Meetup Manila 2024

The Ethereum Meetup Manila 2024, organized by the local Ethereum-focused community ETH63, served as a tech-oriented assembly for Ethereum enthusiasts in the Philippines. Its objective is to heighten awareness and provide avenues for networking and learning, all geared towards fostering wider interest in Ethereum and promoting exploration of its ecosystem.

Aside from Buenaventura’s keynote, the event featured a panel discussion by web3 leaders and Ethereum Foundation representatives. The meetup aims to unite developers and enthusiasts for collaborative growth and innovation. 

“The Philippine crypto community is definitely starting to grow and i’m grateful to be part of the journey. The ETH63 community meet-up Manila is one of the first events launching this year for Ethereum focused activities, it’ll be a long process to support builders, insight leaders, groups, communities, and enthusiasts but we’re strapped in. I’d like to thank my fellow core team members Luis Buenaventura, Christine Erispe and Jay Dee for working together to bring this into fruition,” Paolo Dioquino, one of the ETH63 core members, wrote.

Moreover, it was supported by the Road To Devcon (RTD) Grant of the Ethereum Foundation. The organizers noted that the event highlighted the significance of connections and support within the Ethereum community, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Recent Web3 News

On February 27, Bitcoin continued its surge as its price nears $57,000–in Philippine fiat the value of the crypto is now over ₱3 million per coin, marking the highest level since late 2021 and yielding a year-to-date gain of 32%. 

Moreover, spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) also recently achieved a remarkable milestone, recording a combined daily trading volume of $2.4 billion, surpassing the previous record established on its launch day. BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF notably spearheaded this surge with $1.3 billion traded, positioning it prominently among the most actively traded ETFs and stocks. 

On the other hand, according to Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation, the Dencun upgrade is set to be activated on March 13, 2024. This upgrade is geared towards enhancing Ethereum’s scalability with a focus on layer 2 solutions, particularly EIP-4844, which aims to substantially lower settlement costs. With the promise of reduced expenses and improved scalability, the upgrade positions Ethereum for ongoing success in the blockchain ecosystem.

In the Philippines, Solana has surpassed Ethereum in search volume, with an average score of 42 compared to Ethereum’s 21. Solana peaked at a score of 100 on December 24th, while Ethereum had no recorded searches on that day. 

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