A List of DEXs With No Tokens Yet—Potential Airdrop? | Tokenless Dex List

This article seeks to list down the DEXs available in the market without their native tokens yet.

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In our recent article, BitPinas listed different online, non-custodial wallets that do not have their own native tokens yet. It was noted that once these wallets introduce their tokens, a massive airdrop might happen. 

This is because a wallet’s native token is sometimes used for transaction fees, gas fees, and network fees every time a trade has been executed on a decentralized exchange (DEX). 

But it should also be emphasized that the token used to pay fees has been decided by the DEX. Thus, this article seeks to list down the DEXs available in the market without their own native tokens yet—implying (or not implying) a future airdrop at some point.

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Note: The list is just compiled from speculation within the crypto community. The projects below may or may not announce airdrops in the future.

DEXs With No Native Tokens Yet


Hyperliquid (https://hyperliquid.xyz/) is an order book perpetual futures DEX. It claims to have the best CEXs do, “but on-chain.”

As a DEX, it runs on a layer 1 platform and uses Tendermint consensus. It also boasts to support 20,000 transactions per second. 

Supported Wallet: MetaMask, WalletConnect, OKX Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. 

Ambient Finance

Formerly known as CrocSwap, Ambient (https://ambient.finance/) is a DEX that allows for two-sided automated market maker (AMMs), “combining concentrated and ambient constant-product liquidity on any arbitrary pair of blockchain assets.”

It offers a gasless transaction, where the user pays in the swapped token through EIP-712 off-chain standard.

Supported Wallet: MetMask, Rabby, and Brave. 


Odos Smart Order Routing (https://www.odos.xyz/ is a proprietary AMM path-finding algorithm, which means that it aggregates DEXs and finds optimal routes for token swaps.

Basically, it allows users to swap tokens across more than 50 DEXs with hundreds of token pairs, claiming to offer the “best rates and saving on gas costs.”

Supported Wallet: MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet. 


SyncSwap is a zkSync-based DEX. It claims to offer users to experience 100x scaling with lower gas while enjoying Ethereum’s security. 

“SyncSwap is a community-driven and user-centric project. The mission of SyncSwap is to bring easy-to-use DeFi and the benefits of scaled Ethereum to more people and help the mass adoption of zero-knowledge technology, Ethereum, and Web3,” its developers wrote. 

Supported Wallet: Bitget Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Token Pocket. 


Bebop (https://bebop.xyz/) is a DEX that claims to support any token trade of any size. It offers APIs for dApps to integrate its DEX features. The network fee is also not shown, as it is already charged with the trade. 

Supported Wallet: Zerion, MetaMask, Rainbow, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet. 


Slingshot (https://slingshot.finance/) is a DeFi app that allows users to trade for over 40,000 tokens, with allegedly 0% swap fees. It also claims to offer the performance and ease of CEX and the transparency of DEX at the same time. 

Supported Wallet: Slingshot Wallet, MetaMask, Brave Wallet, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet.

Satori Finance

Satori (https://satori.finance/) is a perpetual protocol and a decentralized financial derivatives platform built on Polygon zkEVM, zkSync, and Scroll.

It features an order book model, adding that this product is in collaboration with many market makers to “provide comprehensive exposure to a wide range of assets.”

Supported Wallet: Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect

Thunder Terminal

Thunder (https://thunder.gg/) is an on-chain automation trading terminal. It supports users to buy and sell crypto, join airdrops, and monitor Blur points. 

It also has an active referral program, which grants the referrer 10% of the transaction fees that the referent generates.

Supported Wallet: MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect


Aevo is a DEX aggregator that supports options, perpetual futures, and other trading products within a single margin account. 

“Combining off-chain matching with on-chain settlement, the platform allows traders to have unparalleled performance and latency while inheriting the security of Ethereum,” its website read. 

Supported Wallet: WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet

Tips to Secure Airdrop on DEXs

We already know that some airdrops require users to use a platform’s products and services. 

It is also applied to securing rewards on these DEX’s potential airdrops in the future. 

Collectively, the most common product of these DEXs is trading—buying, selling, and swapping token pairs is a plus to secure points once a points system has been launched. 

Moreover, some DEXs also allow their users to bridge assets and stake tokens—make sure to also join these activities for their potential airdrops. 

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