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Play-to-Earn MIR4 Philippines Beginners Guide | Draco and Darksteel Token FAQ

We created a guide on MIR4 for Filipinos. How to play the game, how to join clans and how to acquire Draksteel and Draco Tokens.

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MIR4, one of the most promising blockchain-based massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) created by WeMade game studio, just recently released a new crypto called “DRACO”, which is integrated inside MIR4.

MIR4 is one of the first who uses a play-to-earn gaming model in a MMORPG which really excites a lot of young players as the game was released in 170 countries in 12 languages.

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[MIR4] Official Trailer : The Legend rising


Like any other MMORPG game, one of the main benefits of playing this game is having or being a member of a clan.

Aside from that, the game has its own story and the environment is very realistic, giving players the option to explore the map which allows the game to have more flexibility than other MMORPGs.


I know some 99% percent of you will agree that in order to attract a gamer in today’s world it must have very smooth and stunning graphics. MIR4 serves the players well from this point of view.

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Further, the locations of settings like skills, quest, equipment, player and enemy health bar are not interfering with the gameplay and are designed very well.

How to Create an Account in Mir4

MIR4 is available on all types of devices and operating systems (iOS, Android, & Windows).

Just go to their official website or go to the app store/play store and download their mobile application.

After downloading their application, you now create an account just by using your Gmail or linking your Facebook account.

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You can now choose from the four (4) following classes:

Warrior – A powerful warrior who kills the opponent with incredible agility while carrying a massive and heavy sword. These warriors have always been leaders in combat, armed with sturdy armor and unrelenting determination.

Sorcerer – A mage who uses the power of the elements to defeat his enemies. Although he was formidable when fighting alone, he became even more so when surrounded by teammates.

Taoist – A seeker of truth who helps others with his swordsmanship and spells. His recovery skills allow him to overcome the difficulties he faces.

Lancer – A battlefield tyrant who uses his long spear to oppress the adversary. He destroys the opponent formation and removes the target at all costs, equipped with simultaneous attacking and protecting moves.

MIR4 Daily Goals & Quests

A staple in every MMORPG is doing or finishing certain tasks/quests that will give you a lot of boost in your early day as a MIR4 player so knowing how to check it every time is a must.

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Just like in Axie Infinity, daily quests will provide enough resources that you need to upgrade and maintain your character equipment which will also give you a power boost to get past the next level and by doing it your daily task everyday will give you an advantage towards those players who are not doing or finishing it.

MIR4 will give you 30 tasks that you can finish daily.  These provide experience points, and other useful resources which you can use in enchanting equipment.

What are Clans in MIR4?

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MMORPG games will not be exciting if there is no clan involved and MIR4 clan structure is very well designed also as time will come that you need your clan members on certain tasks and you can ask them to follow on your quest and finish it out with their help.

Clans are very important in the game as your clan strength lies in numbers and having a strong clan will provide you with more buffs as clan wars are essential in getting more darksteel (important resources in exchanging DRACO tokens) and key resources.

Further, Clan leaders can put the required power rating before a certain player can join the clan.

How to Join and Create a Clan on MIR4?

You can learn more about in-game clan user interface by watching this video created by Jonooit on his Youtube channel:

How to Join / Create Clan - MIR4

What are the benefits of Joining a Clan?

Clans are very important for your long-term growth as a MIR4 player and at the very first day you must target the clan you want to become part of or create your own.

What is Hidden Valley Capture?

Recently, WeMade introduced another major update in-game which they called “Hidden Valley Capture”, a new interactive function of every clan.

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MIR4 has so many valleys or places where players can mine Darksteel, an essential resource used for exchanging for DRACO tokens or upgrading your equipment to make you stronger.

These valleys can now be obtained by certain clans through events like Clan Wars. If a clan captures a certain valley the whole members of the clan will receive benefits according to what stated on that valley.

The latest patch provided by WeMade also provided additional in-game upgrades such as Clan Challenge and Solitude Training which gives players more reasons why they should play the game.

According to WeMade, the event will be held every Wednesday at exactly 10PM.

Further, MIR4 clans also had other functionalities like assasination, diplomacy, and resource politics so make sure to never play alone.

What are Draco Tokens?

This is the main reason for MIR4’s exponential growth as players not just want to play but also to monetize their time playing certain games.

DRACO is a blockchain-based tradeable asset that can be bought or exchanged without limitation of game servers, game worlds or boundaries set between game and reality.

Players can get DRACO by exchanging Darksteel, an essential resource that can be mined on the game.

Aside from exchanging to DRACO, Darksteel is also used in upgrading in-game equipment that is why it is not easy to just mine and exchange from the game as players demand for darksteel is very high and it creates competition from every player and clans.

As more players are entering the game to mine darksteel and exchange DRACO tokens, WeMade maintains its ‘Real Value’ through the model which they called equity-dividend bonus, that was calculated through the total cumulative Darksteel mined over time.

The model was created in purpose of protecting the token against decrease in actual value caused by inflation within the game and the did it by limiting its daily and total smelting volume, and provides mid- to long-term investment opportunities for the game.

According to WeMade, they have also plans of incorporating the DRACO tokens to other games also which will ensure its overall success. 

As of this writing, DRACO is valued at $0.8545 each.

How to Exchange Draco Tokens?

For the meantime, DRACO tokens are not listed in any exchange. However, WeMade had its own wallet and token which they called ‘WEMIX’ which is listed on exchanges like Bithumb, MECX Global and Gate.io.

Players must exchange their DRACO into WEMIX token first on WEMIX wallet and send WEMIX into supported exchanges which then be exchanged to tokens you prefer.

For more info about proper cash-out of DRACO to WEMIX, watch this video created by AkosiDaoa.


Take note only that minting or smelting Darksteel to DRACO is only available for players with level 40 and above.

What You Need to Focus on Before Level 40 in MIR4?

In your progress in reaching level 40, you must focus on reading the description of every item in your bag as it will help you become more versed into certain items, especially vigor items that will help increase your experience points that you will get in every monster that you kill.

Next, is focusing on getting rare equipment (items with blue background) to help you gain more character power rating which will help you become eligible in boss raids that drops many valuable items.

Last but not the least, you have to enjoy yourself while playing the game and don’t focus on earnings too much as it will just stress you out and be patient as what the saying says, “Good things come to those that wait, but better things come to those who are patient.”’

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