Supercharging Web3 Talent In Cebu With The Solana Ecosystem Call

BitPinas contributor Clyde is on the ground at Solana Ecosystem Call organized by Superteam Philippines in partnership with local community leads in Cebu.

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With the emergence of a new era of technology comes a wave of new great opportunities. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain technology have made recent economic waves and birthed new industries. The web3 industry has been accelerating rapidly in the past few years where Filipino talents can look to flock to for opportunities.

Cebu’s highly anticipated Solana Ecosystem Call last February 9, 2024, at co-working space From Here aimed to engage with local talents and accelerate the growth of web3 through new and exciting opportunities by Solana.

This article, contributed by Clyde Marcel Melgar, is part of the BitPinas’s PH Web3 Stories.

What Is The Solana Ecosystem Call?

The Solana Ecosystem Call is an engagement event that aims to accelerate web3 innovation by presenting a wide avenue of opportunities presented by Solana through hackathons, bounties, and career opportunities.

The event, hosted by web3 experts & members of the Superteam, occurred simultaneously in Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Bicol, Davao, and Bulacan. It encourages individuals to become a top web3 Filipino talent and be eligible to be part of Superteam Philippines.

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Mr. Jeremiah Valero, a blockchain developer who was invited as a speaker during the event, highlighted the relevance of Solana’s involvement in the growth of web3 in the Philippines. Here are ways that were stressed in the event where local talents can earn with Solana:

Photo for the Article - Supercharging Web3 Talent In Cebu With The Solana Ecosystem Call

Hackathons: Solana Hackathons opens an avenue of opportunity for Filipinos to solve web3 problems utilizing the Solana Network through innovation. Filipino talent can now participate in global Solana Hackathons and have access to a large, accumulated prize pool of $2,000,000 USDC from different hackathons.

Jeremiah also stressed that this is also an opportunity for Filipinos to accelerate their skill-building by engaging in solving real-world problems. Hackathons aren’t limited to developers but also for marketers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and even students.

Bounties: Numerous tasks are posted on Superteam Earn where participants can compete for a prize pool that varies from bounty to bounty. Bounties include creating memes, writing about the Solana Network, creating posters, and many more with incentives that increase based on the difficulty.

Careers: There is a large volume of projects in Solana that are in need of talent. One of the privileges of being a part of the Solana Superteam is to be the first to receive an opportunity to become a part of a web3 project. This allows Filipinos to become a part of a globally competitive industry from the comfort of their home thanks to remote work settings being the norm in web3.

Powered by and Etherfuse, the Solana Ecosystem Call also included an exclusive airdrop for participants of ₱100 worth of $SOL. This event marks the beginning of nurturing web3 talent and bolstering the relevance of Cebu in the world of web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

What Is The Superteam PH?

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The Superteam Philippines is part of a much larger Superteam DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that is composed of exceptional Filipino web3 talent. They are responsible for collecting and offering bounties to the community while nurturing local web3 talent. They aim to provide the community with four crucial goals which are:

Learn: Superteam Philippines looks to provide and nurture a community with resources to learn about Web3. They aim to gear Filipinos with sufficient learning resources to learn about the fundamentals of web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency with the help of Solana and The BLOKC.

Earn: They aim to provide a channel for Filipino web3 talent to participate in bounties, hackathons, airdrops, and career opportunities on Solana. Members of the Superteam have the privilege to become the first participants of these opportunities.

Build: Superteam PH is looking to onboard fresh talent into web3. By providing learning and earning opportunities, they aim to boost web3-related skills such as blockchain development to those who are eager to enter web3.

Chill: An opportunity for people with common web3 interests looking to connect with each other, The Solana Ecosystem Call is a demonstration of the culture within web3. From casual meetups to large mixer events, Solana looks to provide an opportunity for the community to celebrate, collaborate, and connect.

Ultimately, Superteam Philippines looks to provide relevance to web3 by gearing a new wave of Filipino Talent to be exposed to the global tech industry through blockchains like Solana.

Photo for the Article - Supercharging Web3 Talent In Cebu With The Solana Ecosystem Call

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This article is contributed to BitPinas: Supercharging Web3 Talent In Cebu With The Solana Ecosystem Call


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