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Tambay NFT on Building Community Despite Bear Market

Photo for the Article - Tambay NFT on Building Community Despite Bear Market
  • When asked about the things they did to have an active community despite the bear market, Tambay NFT shared that they chose to bring entertainment and post humorous videos. 
  • Tambay NFT also advised during the BBB August episode to be creative and have fun to attract more in the community. 
  • They also had a Balitambayan, a Portmanteau of Filipino words “balitaan” (news reporting) and “tambayan” (hangout), which had numerous community activities.

“You just really have to be creative and make sure that they are really having fun in your community, and that’s it. They will love you.”

This is the tip of Tambay NFT when asked about the strategies they use to keep their community alive even when a bear market is being experienced. The collection shared this during their pitch in the August edition of Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories hosted by Draper Startup House Manila and BitPinas. 

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Tambay NFT Ingredients For Active Community

For the NFT collection, there could be three reasons why people join communities: earning, education, and entertainment. And their main ingredient to attract people’s engagement within the Tambay community is entertainment: 

“And that is why people love social media—because of entertainment. And that is what we can offer to the community, we have entertainment there—memes, comics, even giveaways; we have talentadong baranggay, mga ganoong mga secret.”

Tambay NFT, commonly known as Tambay Lang PH on its social media accounts, currently has 1,600 combined followers on Facebook and Twitter, 3.5 million views on TikTok, and 250 Telegram members.

According to the team, the “secret” to reaching these numbers lies in being funny and humorous. They boast that one of their TikTok videos has garnered two million views in just two weeks.

As per the team, the “secret” to reaching these numbers is being funny and humorous, mentioning that one of its Tiktok videos has garnered two million views within just two weeks. 

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“We want everything to be as humorous as possible because, as Filipinos, we are people who can turn any tragic event into something humorous, and we really love humor,” the team explained. 

Accordingly, Tambay NFT shared that their humorous content on social media is their way to attract more people into the web3 ecosystem, as those who have watched their videos are then informed that the characters are actually NFTS. 

“We are trying to introduce our NFT characters as animations, funny animated videos, or comics because we want to be them that way,” highlighting that many were attracted by this humorous content. 

Tambay OG: A Soldout Collection

On June 13, Tambay NFT ‌launched its OG Collection, a 504 profile picture (PFP) collection on Mintoo, a PDAX-backed NFT marketplace. 

According to the Tambay creators, this collection was inspired by local comic artists, including Tarantadong Kalbo, Pupung, Larry Alcala, and Pugad Baboy and aimed to build a community known for “Pinoy diskarte” while celebrating Filipino culture and humor. Larry Alcala and Pugad Baboy artist Pol Medina both have their own releases of NFTs.

The Tambay OG then sold out in July, and the creators tagged it as “building the community without realizing it.”

The said community that was formed then had a Balitambayan, a Portmanteau of Filipino words “balitaan” (news reporting) and “tambayan” (hangout), a day before the BBB August happened. 

The event had numerous activities, such as poster making, raffles, and a community meetup itself. 

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