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Tracy Li | Blockdevs Asia | 2020 Year in Review

Tracy: BlockDevs Asia is looking forward to educating more and more developers online and in person.

Photo for the Article - Tracy Li | Blockdevs Asia | 2020 Year in Review

January 11, 2021 — Every person you ask will say the same thing: 2020 is unlike any other year. 

The cryptocurrency industry felt the full brunt of the pandemic, as evidenced by the March 2020 crash. Nine months, one Bitcoin halving and a couple of institutions later, the industry sees a resurgence in interest brought about by Bitcoin hitting and breaking the psychological all-time high at $20,000 and reaching a new one of $37,000.

What is the 2021 Year in Review?

BitPinas sought the opinion of key crypto and blockchain leaders/influencers in the Philippines and abroad on what they think about 2020  in general and what they look forward to in 2019.

Tracy Li is one of the founders of BlockDevs Asia, a volunteer-driven organization that is committed to growing the community by organizing blockchain-developer meetups.

BlockDevs Highlights:

BlockDevs Asia launched its Tech Talks online show and participated in the DeFi panel discussion during the Philippine Startup Week event last November 2020.

On 2020 Blockchain Developments:

Photo for the Article - Tracy Li | Blockdevs Asia | 2020 Year in Review
BlockDevs X Tangem

Globally, one of the highlights in the Blockchain industry during 2020 was the launch of Ethereum 2.0 last December. 

The pandemic has also accelerated the use of technology in our daily lifestyle including using cashless payment and e-money platforms. This is a big leap for the Crypto industry. I also think that the pandemic situation has indirectly generated more interest in the DeFi space. People have explored new ways of investing and earning money.

On Operational Changes:

The pandemic has halted most of our regular activities including our monthly meetups events and the annual DISH hackathon. We had to cancel everything in 2020 and adapt to the changes of the “new normal” lifestyle. Right now, we are now doing everything online. We have launched our own online show – TechTalks so we. can still keep our community updated with our organization and industry.

2021 Forecast:

Globally, the industry is becoming more mature and mainstream. In 2021, there will be more mainstream attention which will generate interest from big tech companies. Companies will push for private blockchain platforms. We will see more exploits in DeFi but at the same time we will see it become stronger than it was before. There will be more mainstream investors in the cryptocurrency market as well. The industry itself will be more competitive in 2021. 

In the PH, there will be more demand for blockchain developers, more demand for DeFi solutions too. 

2021 will be a good year for the industry.  

On Industry Competitiveness in 2021:

Personally, I look forward to seeing the industry become more competitive and I am excited that we are in a good position to embrace changes and competition. 

BlockDevs Asia is looking forward to educating more and more developers online and in person. We are hoping that things will gradually get back to normal, we are looking forward to organize DISH with high regard for safety precautions against COVID.

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