[Web3 Interview Series] Local Guild NFTxStreet Sets Up Web3 Gaming Hub in QC

A wide range of web3 and web2 games are available at the hub, fostering inclusivity and accessibility within the gaming community.

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NFTxStreet, a web3 service provider guild, has recently unveiled its physical game hub which aims to onboard traditional or web2 gamers into web3. This hub is like a classic Filipino Internet cafe, providing a diverse range of gaming and leisure activities; however, it uniquely specializes in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain games.

(This article is part of the BitPinas PH Web3 Interview Series, where we talk to various people and groups around the country who move the local industry forward.)

NFTxStreet Gaming Hub

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Local Guild NFTxStreet Sets Up Web3 Gaming Hub in QC

NFTxStreet inaugurated its new gaming hub in Quezon City on February 3, equipped with five high-specs computer setups. 

“These PCs are on high settings or high specs; the main reason is we just want to let our community play those AAA games. Also, one of the purposes why we built this gaming hub is to onboard traditional players,”  NFTXStreet founder Joniel “JB” Bon told BitPinas in an interview.

For now, however, he noted that the hub will initially serve as a community-gated venue exclusively for their members and members of Yield Guild Games (YGG). Consequently, Bon encouraged players to join their community through their Discord channel.

Further, Bon shared that the gaming hub also serves the purpose of building an esports team. Players will utilize the hub for practice sessions and training, fostering strong relationships and teamwork. 

According to him, this setup enables the players to coordinate effectively and perform well in esports competitions. Additionally, the team will participate in web3 leaderboards and projects, with potential rewards for successful performance.

Available Games

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Local Guild NFTxStreet Sets Up Web3 Gaming Hub in QC

The hub will allow web3 players to access games such as Anito Legends, Axie Infinity, Aurory, Big Time, Bloomverse, Farcana, Gensokishi Online Meta World, Heroes of Mavia, League of Kingdoms, Legend of Elumia, Metacene, My Pet Hooligan, Nifty Island, Parallel, Petopia, Pixels, Ragnarok Landverse, Seraph, Shrapnel, Sipher Odyssey, Vallania, and Xociety.

In addition to web3 games, there are also web2 games available such as Dota2, Farlight, League of Legends, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Valorant.

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Local Guild NFTxStreet Sets Up Web3 Gaming Hub in QC

How does it work?

To ensure the security and integrity of user data and assets within the gaming hub, Bon shared that players can only just log in to their accounts for games.

“Basically, they cannot log in through their seed phrase or private keys on each of the unit; they can just log in through their username (and) password for the game account. Okay, so no transactions first on the gaming hub.”

Joniel “JB” Bon, Founder, NFTXStreet

However, he pointed out the possibility of users needing to log in to their wallets for educational programs involving transactions. Bon assured that security enhancements like additional layers such as Watch or Wallet Guard for Google Chrome are being incorporated into the computer units, bolstering security during these educational sessions.

When asked how NFTxStreet handles concerns regarding accessibility and inclusivity in the Philippines web3 gaming space, Bon emphasized the importance of education for newcomers. 

He underscores the need to educate individuals on discerning what they click on and follow, whether personal or application-related. Education, awareness, and guidance are deemed crucial in supporting individuals, especially in navigating challenges. Additionally, the presence of games with assets is mentioned as a potential avenue for further support.

Partnerships and Future Plans

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Local Guild NFTxStreet Sets Up Web3 Gaming Hub in QC

Currently, the guild has partnerships and collaborations with other entities such as YGG and the e-sports platform Treasure Hunt. These connections aim to enhance gaming opportunities and outreach within the community. 

Additionally, the partnership with Treasure Hunt offers competitive opportunities for members to earn physical rewards such as graphic cards, screens, t-shirts, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, and e-bikes, adding excitement to the community.

Further, he shared that their plan involves expanding the current gaming hub by adding six to five additional pieces. 

He added that the success of this expansion could lead to further expansion of the gaming hub into other locations like Baguio or other areas within Manila.


Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Local Guild NFTxStreet Sets Up Web3 Gaming Hub in QC

NFTxSTREET, a sub-guild of YGG, is a web3 testing service provider guild focused on supporting X-to-Earn scholars. They aim to help individuals earn additional income through part-time web3 opportunities. 

The organization expressed dedication to introducing more Filipinos to the metaverse through education, web3 gaming, financial services, and other blockchain prospects. Their journey began with Axie Infinity, teaching essential blockchain knowledge and crypto wallet usage to enable Filipinos to explore various Dapps and games and earn through their participation.

Last year, the guild, in collaboration with Yield Guild Games, organized an NFT Art Minting Workshop in Baguio City.

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