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Crypto Art PH Artists Exhibit at Art Fair Philippines 2024

Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Artists Exhibit at Art Fair Philippines 2024

In the recently concluded Art Fair Philippines, the artist community collective Crypto Art PH highlighted their collection of digital media masterpieces in the Whisper of the Tides exhibit. 

During the 40th BitPinas webcast, Crypto Art PH co-founder Jopet Arias shared their experience at this year’s Art Fair Philippines.

Crypto Art PH at Art Fair Philippines

The exhibit is the second time the organization highlighted their works in the art fair. According to Arias, their preparation for it took six to seven months and they divided it into two phases. In the initial phase, the first group of artists showcased their work in Bacolod, while the subsequent group responded to the art produced during this phase.

Crypto News Recap - Pixels, Airdrops, and Art Fair PH | BitPinas Webcast 40

“Matagal ‘yung preparation n’ya compared sa (ibang) art na ginawa namin,” he shared.

As Art Fair Philippines has established itself as a longstanding gathering for art enthusiasts, Arias observed that biases and negative perceptions persist regarding non-fungible token (NFT) artworks, which he identified as a challenge the community must overcome.

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Accordingly, despite these comments, he recognized the community’s dedication to collaborative endeavors.

“Yung collaboration na mga ginawa namin is written in smart contracts, we minted them on Tezos and Teai. Gusto namin ipakita yung possibilities na ‘yun, but primarily we focused on augmented reality na kung saan makikita ‘yung use case ng digital layer over the physical layers para makita nila yung possibilities pa sa technology na ito,” he explained.

[Translation: The collaborations we’ve undertaken are written in smart contracts, we minted them on Tezos and Teai. We want to showcase those possibilities, but primarily, we focused on augmented reality where the use case of digital layers over physical layers can be seen, allowing them to see further possibilities in this technology.]

When asked what is next for him and Crypto Art PH, Arias emphasized that they aim to make more art.

“‘Yun yung objective natin, na ipakita ‘yung side ng web3 na hindi lang tayo puro speculation, hindi lang tayo puro pera. We’re still human. ‘Yun yung pinaka gusto kong i-share, ‘yung humanity natin… ito ;yung testament natin na we can do something na may impact sa culture,” he stated. 

[Translation: That’s our objective, to showcase the aspect of web3 that isn’t just about speculation or money. We’re still human. That’s what I most want to share, our humanity… this is our testament that we can do something that has an impact on culture.]

Whisper of the Tides

According to Crypto Art PH, the exhibition “Whispers of the Tides” explores the intricate relationship between nature and technology, inviting viewers to experience the dynamic flow of the tides through art. It combines traditional art with modern technology.

Art Fair Philippines x CryptoartPH - Whispers of the Tides

The artists featured in the exhibit include Jopet Arias, Isaiah Cacnio, Dave Lock, Sheila Aurelio-Ledesma, OoakosiMo, Megs Empinado, Remster Db, Michael Villahermosa Froilan, Nantz Matienzo, Emmanuel Bernardo-Dedman, Gio Karlo, Kenzeroart, Jian Lea Catedrilla Alejandria, Hero Granada, Kai Perfecto, Nico Aaron Balisacan, Margaux Belleza, and Salawaki.

“Mounting an exhibition is never easy, to be part of the biggest Art event in the country is a feat in itself. To be trusted that we are able to pull of something like this is something to be proud of. We tried our best to represent the web3 community,” Arias wrote in an X post.

Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Artists Exhibit at Art Fair Philippines 2024

Art Fair Philippines

In its 11th year, the 2024 edition of Art Fair Philippines presented an immersive journey for art aficionados, spanning both local and international audiences. Set within The Link in Makati, the fair boasted 55 exhibitors across four floors, showcasing diverse styles and mediums of modern and contemporary art throughout the event.

Last year, Art Fair Philippines marked its 10th anniversary with a focus on digital art and NFTs, featuring curated exhibits by Filipino digital artists Skye Nicolas and Mark Inducil, alongside special showcases by Crypto Art PH artists Bjorn Calleja and Jopet Arias. Galeria Paloma also introduced its NFT art exhibition titled “p a r a / / e l.” Moreover, Tezos served as the event’s education partner by hosting workshops on digital and crypto art.

This article is published on BitPinas: Crypto Art PH Features Digital Art at Art Fair Philippines 2024


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